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Dbol & Var or Anadrol & Winni???

If you had to pick one of these too cycles (running whatever mg/day you wanted, what would you pick and why? I think I’d go Dbol & var, They seem to go good together when you read the research on them. Anybody up for the challenge?

um drol/winny hands down 100/50 respectively. d-bol nice and all but drol is a beast. definitely partial to it and adding the winny negates a lot of the “wetness” from drol and the drol counter-acts the dry joints and such from winny. hence anastrol :wink:

I’ve tried Anadrol by itself and it killed my appetite and made me feel lethargic but I did blow up. Thanks game_over. Do you have to run an aggresive of a AI/PCT with drol/winny as with Dbol/var?

If I had too… and I wouldn’t… as I think an injectable base is important… I would take Dbol and Var… and I’ve heard that Anadrol sides are pretty bad… but I suppose it depends on your goals etc… as well…

  1. I have outlined a similar cycle in your other thread

  2. There’s a link about drol/winny cycle that some veterans of this site ran in my post on your other thread.

  3. good luck.