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Dbol / Var Cycle Suggestions

Hey guys, wanted to know if anyone had any ideas or suggestions regarding this cycle. Ive read through older posts and searched around but not had much luck with the specifics Im after. Im 34, 5’11, 92kgs been training for 15 years+ and taken quite a few different courses over the years but never an oral cycle only.

The reason I wanna give it a go now is where I am currently working bringing injectables with was not an option so I have dbol an var and no clear idea of how to go about using them (besides with water via mouth I do know). So basically can they be stacked together without too much issue and if so at what dosage and duration- I’m out on rotation for 5 weeks so would like to stick within that timeframe however extending or lessening the time is no problem. I do have all the PCT / liver support along with me as well and rarely have I ever had any side effects from the majority of courses but obviously not a reason to just wing it.

No, don’t stack them together.

Yea to be honest the more Im lookin about now and digging seems thats the general consensus regarding these 2! Would starting on the Dbol and then going onto the var each on their own be any better an idea? Or just stick to a few weeks on one or the other?!

You know why you haven’t found much luck finding the specifics you’re after? Because this is a stupid fucking idea, a complete waste, and intelligent, well-informed people would never do this. Show me where you’ve ever read “Oral only cycle=great idea. Dbol and Var only cycle= even better idea.”

@Toby Queef…yea I didnt mean I havent had luck as in Im searching for 1 site that says its a great idea- Im fairly limited in what websites I can access and I said I have never taken or considered an oral only course which is why I was looking for advice on it.

Oral only cycles aren’t the best and you won’t find a lot about them. I wouldn’t run dbol/var together, or do one for a few weeks then do the other. Do one or the other.

Id rather get a good injectable like Testosterone mix for the Dbol and something like deca for the var. Run the Test and Dbol first for mass and then take a break. After take the var and deca for lean mass, strength and killer recovery (personal experience). But i think there should be no prob in stacking them together. Never tried though. Could result in brutal strength!