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Dbol + Var and HGH


I've got a good supplier who can offer me the above stack. about 6 weeks worth.

I know enough about roids to know its a decent stack, though running var with dbol seems a little .... redundent.

What do you guys think? Deal or no deal>?


Where is the test? That's my question.

Also, what sort of dosage are you looking at?


yeah i know lol.

were looking at

20 mg dbol 5 days a week
25mg anavar 5 days a week
1-2 i/u hgh

running for about 6 weeks.

You gotta give me a break I'm NO pharmacist. not to mention the only cycle I've ever done was 6 weeks of JUST anavar. So I'm a abit apprehensive. Especially as it pertains to gyno. it would be just my luck)

Its light but only my second cycle. Of course I've herd of a first timer gaining 25 pounds in 6 weeks on d-bol (only) and retaining over half the gains.

So ur saying this is fairly light? Not going to hurt me much huh? lol.


I don't wanna give away much about my supplier but lets just say i can only get certain things at certain times of the year. I might just buy it and hold it until i get some test.


that dose of var is way too low... you need at least double that and preferable three times the amount or more...


Though not a fan of orals, it's alright and the dosages are probably fine. I don't get the 25mg of Anavar though, are they 25mg capsules? If they are 10mg I'd take 40mg taken in two doses, if they are 5mg then 30-40mg. Really I'd split the Dbol and Var into twice a day dosing and run the Dbol at 40mg and the Anavar at 40-60mg - those recommendations for 100+mg of anavar are just plain silly and should be ignored by most - if you need that much, then you need something else.

Also consider that Dbol aromatizes into estrogen, though only at 50% of test, it is a much stronger estrogen; an AI is probably not needed, but you might consider Arimidex at a low-dose. I'd also drop the HGH as the length and dosage will be next to pointless. You should also run a PCT of Nolvadex at 20mg for about 20 days.


My opinion is get some test for sure. lol

Do that and you could come up with a very nice stack that would have maybe 30mg of Dbol a day with a slightly higher dose of the var. Or you could just save the orals altogether for some point down the road if you could get some test.

As of right now, since you're oral only, I'd recommend:

30-40mg of var twice a day
40mg Dbol at the least per day, spaced evenly over 3 doses, everyday

And there's no sense in wasting good GH if you're only using 1iu a day. Crank it up to 4 or so and you'll seem some good results.

As far as a PCT is concerned, I have always stayed away and recommend staying away from nolva. It is great while on cycle only in case of sides, i.e. gyno. I think folks have gotten too carried away with the nolva lately. Have it, and use it only if necessary, but dont use it on a daily basis with no sides and don't rely on it for PCT.

I would recommend using some clomid for PCT, or you could HCG towards the end of your cycle. You would kickstart recovery with the HCG as opposed to using it during actual PCT time. A lot of people complain that clomid messes with them psychologically, but personally I've never had it happen to me and have only seen it in rare instances.

Just a few thoughts there....


yes they are 25 milligram tablets. (var)

well i guess i need to find som PCT's and then I'll be off. I need to wait a little while longer. (i'm in a weight class sport, can't get to big till i drop a little more fat)

...Its nice to know there are people who can help me with this stuff.


Ok so I'm going to run var and d-bol TWICE a day, and bump up the hgh.

and a good friend of mine has plenty of nolva left from his last cycle i can buy for sure.

Thanks very much guys.


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that was the goal actually. So it will do nothing to supress the sides?


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i guess i should run it more solid then huh?

Ok so here what i'm thinking, (this is in the interest of keeping my cycle 6 weeks long)

Var, 50 mg, 5 days a week
Dbol 10mg in morning 10 at night/20 a day all week
Hgh throughout cycle.

I'll secure some PCT drugs for after.

Bushy, your english right?


Dbol still not high enough.....


From what I hear you'd be better off with anadrol with var. Never tried it but it is supposed to be a better stack than dbol and var.


Adrol is MUCH better with Var. Dbol is ok as well, but not ideal in my experience. I think you need 25mg ED of Dbol as a min. As for var, 50-100mg ED (spread out evenly through the day).

Personally, I'd do 50mg Adrol + 50mg Var ED, if your not an experienced user you will get some great gains from that.


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are roids legal over there?


So after being told repeatedly that none of your doses are high enough, are you doing anything different?


You'll be happier with the results at 30 mg a day. That shit is amazing with the gains you get. Unfortunately you might loose most if not all your gains when you go off but with the GH you might hold onto some more of them. They guy I know who did GH kept a good amount of muscle well past their cycle.

Hopefully your stuff is real. With Dbol I feel it right after I take it and my strength goes threw the roof. Happy times!

But if you can wait and do it right and get some test to run with it.