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Dbol, Tren E, Test C/E Cycle

Hello everyone!!
First I’d like to thank you for your time reading and going through my thread.
My stats:
24yo 6’1 209lbs (not sure about my bf% but it’s somewhere between 11-12)
I’ve been training for almost 5 years now, every single day except sometimes when I was injured so had to skip the gym.
I decided to start cycling on february and did my first cycle, ran the pct did bloodwork and all went fine. Now I just started my second cycle which is:
Week 1-3 : Test C 800mg Tren E 400mg
Week 2-7 dbol everyday 40mg/day (dbol dosage seperated through the day)
Week 4-13: Test E 1gram, Tren E 400mg.
*I took monday and thursday 1tablet(1mg) of anastrozole but now switched to half mg mon thursday since I wanna keep my cholesterol levels as low as possible, 500iu HCG monday thursday and half tablet of finesteride to avoid hairloss *
Currently I am on my third week of cycle and so far haven’t seen any effect from trenbolone, maybe it’s because of the linger ester which is Enanthate and I’ve been told it takes like 4-5 weeks to really feel it(no side effects aswell, been sleeping like a baby, a little nightsweat and noticed much more sweating at the gym, also the rage has started to hit me :frowning: )
P.s got some NAC and Milk Thistle as liver protection.

My question is , do I need to wait to see the effects on week 5 or my tren might be underdosed? I got it from a friend of mine, he is a national bodybuilder champion, but you never know if someone wants to rip your $$$.

Thank you once again for going through the topic and sharing your opinions with me.


Tren E takes a while to kick in, and why are you running Tren E at 400mg as your first cycle? Not judging just asking.
If i were you i’d run tren Ace as your first cycle to see how your body reacts. Once the tren fully kicks in it’s gonna take a while to go out of your body since it’s enanthate. If your body reacts bad to tren it’s gonna be hard handeling all those sides.

Anyways, why go from one ester then chage mid cycle? Why not just start from 750mg Test E then go 1G?

How did your first cycle look? Dosages?

Hey xshafty, thanks for the reply man.

My first cycle was:
Week 1-3: 400mg test E
Week 4-10 250mg deca
Week 4-13 500mg test E
Anastrozole 1mg monday 1mg hursday
Also oxytocin everyday in small doses to help with mood

I got amazing resutls from that cycle,lost a lot of bodyfat, gained new muscles ,strength did dramatically increased and I didn’t get any side effects, at all. I get all my stuff pharmaceutical grade (talking about test, hcg, arimidex, oxytocin) since I’ve been on HRT before my first cycle and I have all the prescriptions from my doctor.

As for pct I ran nolva clomid:
Week 1-2 50mg clomid, 30mg nolva
Week 3-5 250mg clomid 20mg nolva
Did all my bloodwork and everything was fine after pct, it seems hcg helps alot if used through the cycle, I never had shrinked testes during the cycle , and lost just vascularity during pct, and was able to gain extra 8kg during and after pct, which is like 17.6pounds(some fat aswell but mainly muscle mass) and that bcs I tried to workout even harder and eat extra calories during and after pct to maintain my first cycle gains.

As for tren dosage, yes I am aware of side effects, and I know it’s best to use test A, so if smth goes wrong it will get out of your system easily. I went with Tren E bcs generally has lower side effects , like no tren cough etc, I had to inject less, and bcs I am planning to run tren the whole cycle not just like first 7 weeks. As for changing from test C to test E, bcs I wanted to see some faster results and thought to go on the rest of the cycle on test E.

Oh, alright man :stuck_out_tongue: cycle looks good imo, for some people tren e dosn’t even kick in untill week 7 so just be patient, it will come ans it will hit you like a train gl

Thanks for the info pal.

Anyone used any gear from Rox Pharma? Would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions or experience guys!!

We are not supposed to talk about brands.

As far as tren and side effects, all I tend to see at first is, I start sweating a little at night, sweating more in the gym, agression. Then those just need getting worse and worse until I am waking up two to three times a night from soaking the bed.
Believe it or not those are good side effects for tren. Lots of guys get way worse. You sound on track for what you are seeing and for what week you are, or at least that is similar to me. Hopefully you don’t get my other side effect…the break outs that start from under your skin. At least that os what they feel like and they hurt! And the stuff that comes out of them when they pop smells!!! Other than that I love tren and you sound about right on for what you are seeing. FYI if you get the middle of the night wake ups they last like four weeks after you stop pinning. You will just come to sitting up in bed doing stupid shit like holding a remote control but swiping it like a phone.

Did you have any luck taking a sleep aid while you went through your trensomnia? I’m always curious about that aspect of tren. I already have enough sleep issues, so tren is never on the menu for me. But as a guy who has struggled for a decade and a half to get better sleep I’m constantly amazed at how other guys can willingly take something that messes with them and then just go right back to normal with something as simple as melatonin or whatever. I’m jealous tbh.

Here here, must be going on a decade. The strongest sleep meds off the Doctor just make me sit there like a zombie, it’s worse lol. I find smoking marijuana has helped me the most, I’m still up about 3-5 times in the night though.

Since my Iraq deployment I have used melatonin, Benadryl, valerion root, and a forth sleep aid in a rotation to help me sleep. Basically I might use one for a couple or nights to a week if I am having issues then next month if I have issues I use a different one. Now as my post deployment mess came to the surface the VA has prescribed three different meds and again I rotate them depending on what is keeping me up.

In tren I usually don’t have any more issue falling asleep versus any other time. It’s the waking up in middle of the night and realizing I am sitting up in my bed or at my desk doing some sort of task in my sleep that I suffer from when on tren. Usually I come too and realize I am doing whatever and just go back to laying down and I am out pretty quickly. When I first explored tren the night sweats would wake me up and keep me up from being soaking wet and cold. Now I lay down a towel and have a spare sheet handy. Depending on how bad I sweat and if I am sleeping alone when I wake up from it I rotate the sheet or get the spare. If it is bad enough I pull off the towel and go back to sleep. At the end of a cycle I might have to get a new towel because I might sweat through two or three in a night but for most of the cycle it’s just the one. Provided I have a dry sheet to put over me. That sweat soaked sheet will keep me awake more than anything. The pillow I can flip or grab another one if it is too wet.

I wouldn’t call my tren experience insomnia. The waking up doing stuff I would call “tren walking.”

Now that I say all that I think when I do marry my beloved then I don’t know if I can run tren again. I already have issues with doing stuff in my sleep and calling a 9 line in middle of the night but the stuff on tren is so consistent and I notice the difference. I don’t know if she would notice the difference if she was in the same bed as me every night for the rest of my life.

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Speaking from my experience, yes she will. Tren changed me to the point that my wife hated it and forbid any more cycles (after 2). She said I smelled differently, I know that I stained the sheets on tren and she said it generally made me an asshole.