Dbol To Jumpstart & Close Out Cycle

First cycle, looking to add lots of mass. Going to do a test only cycle (500mg wk of enanthate). Want to jumpstart it with something that’s very fast to produce results. And I want to close the 8 week cycle out with the last 2 weeks being something very fast clearing (faster than prop). Is Dbol (30mg day) the ticket for both ends of this cycle? OR DO ANY OF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS?

Is 2 weeks of d bol on the front end enough to get me to the benefits of the enanthate or should I extend it to 3wks (I’m not crazy about doing any orals so I don’t want it any longer than necessary)?

Dbol has a bad rap sometimes I think. If you know what your doing… Go ahead and use it!
The effects are felt almost immediately, the pumps are awesome, the strength gains are noticable and a little water weight is not that bad if your bp is OK.
Protect your liver, keep some anti-e onhand and enjoy the stuff.

What about the timeing is 2 weeks enough to get me to my enanthate? What other alternatives would be appropriate other than d bol. Primobolan, Anadrol?

If you do not frontload you need about 3-4 weeks before the total enanthate depot in your body levels out and your testosterone levels become stable.
The levels build up gradually and they are fairly high already after 1 week.
With a frontload of 3x the normal dosage you basicly reach stable levels in a matter of days.
If you plan to be going for 500mg Test-E a week you could inject 500mg EOD for 3 days. And use D-bol at 50mg a day for those first 6 days. The Test-E should take it from there. Thats a lot of juice during a short period of time. Be careful.

The Enanthate falls below suppressive levels 2-4 weeks after last injection.

I would go from 0 D-bol to 40mg a day during the week following my last Test-E injection, to compensate for the fading testosterone levels. Then do 1 or 2 weeks of D-bol at 50mg a day also using a proviron or arimidex to slowly cut out estrogen before PCT.
The switch to nolva during PCT for 3 weeks starting the same day I take my last D-bol.