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Dbol to End a Cycle

Had a great start to this current cycle (Test E 500mg weekly & Dbol 30mg daily for 3.5 week kickstart). Sadly, at 3.5 weeks, I had some false blood pressure readings that were super high, and subsequently dropped the DBol. My weight gain has really slowed down since then (I’m in Week 9 of a planned 12).

I loved how I felt on the DBol, I had some solid gains on it, and was disappointed I had to end it prematurely. I’d love to squeeze any extra out of this cycle if possible.

Could I take dbol for 2-3 weeks at the end of this cycle?
Would I take it Wk10/11/12 and stop it with my last pin?
Or do I take it for the couple weeks after last pin, leading up to start of PCT?

I have not had to use an AI while on just Test, however I was taking Asin when on DBol. Is adding DBol and Aromasin so late into cycle just a recipe for a disastrous PCT and overall recovery?

Thanks for any advice

Not at all. If you want to do this then go for it. Are you 100% sure the dbol didn’t cause the BP issues?

I scheduled a doctors appt right when I had the high BP at home. Went in 5 days later, at home still reading between 150-170 / 60-70.
The doctors office was 120/60, had a second nurse do it, she got 118/65.
I then went home, took my BP again, and it was 170/70.

So I’m pretty confident it was due to a small BP cuff. I felt amazing inn dbol minus the lower back pump which was manageable.

I truly appreciate your advice. What weeks would you suggest the DBol leading up to PCT?
And do you think I could get away with no aromasin for a couple of weeks? Hate to reintroduce another variable that I haven’t needed with the Test

Thank you sir!

Lastly, I would only run 20 or 30mg of DBol for those 2-3 weeks. I felt great weeks 2 and 3 on 30mg.

I guess just looking for the best weeks to run it near the end, as well as if aromasin should be used.

I would probably run it for the week prior to the last pin and the two weeks after, then stop it the day or two before PCT. The half life of Dbol is pretty short so it’ll clear out of your system quickly and running it up to PCT should keep you from feeling draggy for those 2 weeks.

Should be no problem skipping the AI, I wouldn’t have even bothered adding it in the first place.

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Thank you sir