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Dbol to A Bombs

Why is dianabol prefered over anadrol?

Because it has less side effects and is not as hard on the liver. Apparently, users get a feeling of well-being on Dianabol, whereas on Anadrol, it makes a person feel sick although they are getting bigger.

But personally, I’ve been on Drol a week and I am feeling better on it than I was on Dbol and Test. I guess it’s up to the individual and how their body responds.

My A-Bomb experience so far

Funnily enough, my first weigh-in on day 2 of the Anadrol was at 74.5kg (164 pounds), just before my first workout. Then two days later, on my 2nd workout, I weighed in at 76.22kg (168 pounds). Then on day 4, on my 3rd workout, I weighed in at 77.2kg (170 pounds). I was using different scales on the first weigh-in, so I don’t know how accurate the actual gain was. But of course, some proportion of my first week’s gain would be from water retention. I do look bigger already though, and everything’s starting to bulge in all the right places. I’ll probably weigh even more by the end of week 2. Well I hope so and should anyway. I started out as a skinny weed, then built up to a good base level of strength and now am a ‘middleweight’, and hope to break into the heavy middleweight range (above 80kg) by the end of this cycle. I’m just starting Week 2 pretty soon.

I think my gains should stay on pretty well, because there will be new muscle gained, and that can’t be metabolised away very quickly, as long as I stay on Winstrol to harden them up, and keep up with a good diet and lifting program. I’m actually more interested in being a martial artist or gymnast type of build than a bodybuilder; as in going for that kind of total body fitness and gaining usable strength. I want to be big and buff and fit, but not huge.

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I thought oral only cycles were considered pointless…yet i hear alot of people doing drol/winni cycles. I dont see this working without test?..but i dunno maybe im wrong if someone has a really good pct.

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Hasn’t drol been linked to heart palipations?

I’ve never done anadrol but I did dianabol recently at a very low dose. I took 10mg/day the first two weeks followed by 15/mg the last week for a total of three weeks. I had surpirisingly significant gains both on the scale and stregnth wise. Afterwards I had a total of probably four pimples on the back of my shoulder, no tits, no testicular atrophy, and I kept 8 out of the 10 pounds I gained, as well as all the strength. I now have continued to get stronger naturally and plan on doing more sometime a little later on. I know some people that did Anadrol, they all ahve one thing in common: a bloaty look; they did, however, all get much stronger as a result. I can’t judge it because I haven’t tried it.

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