Dbol then Winstrol Oral Cycle



Lifting for 8 years and 5 months (serious lifting 6 years, on and off for the first 3 years)
202 lbs
23% bf

455 Squat
565 Deadlift
355 Benchpress

Pack up some muscle mass and lean out.

Story Time:
First 3 years as bodybuilder and then another 5 years for powerlifting… 5 months currently on bodybuilding

his first steroid cycle is test e only for 500mg for 12 weeks 8 months ago after that she went to dirty bulking which is a bad decision for him… anyway.

btw he will use orals he really hates needles!!!


1-6 dbol 40mg ED
7-9 nolva 20mg ED
10-15 winstrol 50mg ED


is nolva 20mg enough for weeks? if not give a safer and better way?
i wont use AI’s cause in my first cycle did’nt feel anything bad or soreness of nipples.
is the cycle good or need to have changes in it?
i didn’t put pct in winstrol since it doesn’t convert to estrogen… is this correct or i still ned pct for winstrol?

anyone that has suggestions?

guys someone to help please

crush all the pills up into one big bag of powder, pour them into a bucket with some quick drying cement (just a little), let it set, use a hammer and chisel to smash the bucket so all that’s left is a cementy lump of stone and steroids, shove it all UP YOUR ASS, then fuck off and stop bumping your shitty thread where if you took all of 5 seconds to do ANY research at all you’d realise no one wants to contribute because it’s a terrible cycle for what I can only assume is a terrible person.


Sounds like someone slipped up and admitted this shitty cycle is for himself and not his friend. Worst cycle I’ve seen, probably.

  1. it’s not a friend. it’s you. Police are at your door right now.

  2. dbol only cycles aren’t bad, but winstrol only is.

I think the thoughts expressed above are a bit over the top, but it really isn’t a great idea. You’ve run test before. You should run it in every cycle. Don’t be a pussy now.