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Dbol, Test Prop, EQ, Anavar Cycle


Ive run a couple cycles in the past.. slowly progressing my build and the size of my cycles.. never ran test prop, eq, or anavar before.. any input the best way to run it or any results you all had with it.. much appreciated.

current plans to start next week look as follows:
dbol- 25mg 2x daily (wk 1-6)
test prop- 600 mg/ wk (wk 1-16)
Eg - 600 mg/wk (wk 1-16)
anavar- 20mg 2x daily (wk8-16)

Currious how you all feel about frontloading the prop?
i also have some PCT although most of this stuff is pretty mild from what ive read.. im looking to gain some size and stay lean, as lean as i can be. im pretty good with my dieting.. although im looking for a nice lean bulking diet. any input will be great.. my avatar pic is me so, you can see where im at now. thanks


So just a cycle plan and a nice lean bulking diet? That's all?

Sure you dont want someone to jerk you off 3 times a day as well?


Why would you front load the test prop?

Why wouldn't you front load the equipoise?

If you are planning a 16 week cycle why would you run the equipoise thru week 16, or are you starting pct in week 19 or so? Any pct planned?


i dont know why frontloadrop instead of eq. never frontloaded befor. ive read a lot diffrent things on it. some say do it others say dont...thats part of what im asking. and pct. yeah ive got that undercontrol


The half life is the answer as to why you would or would not front load, and to how often you would inject.

You need to know things like this to plan a decent cycle.


I always frontload everything I use and I always inject ED, but I also only use short esters (Prop and NPP). However, if I were ever going to use EQ, I would frontload that as well, and inject ED regardless of the half-life. When I cycle I want to immediately reach peak blood levels and maintain them constantly for the duration of the cycle. This is just my personal preference since I have never done anything different than frontloading and ED injections.


So after some more research, im changing my cycle to this:

dbol- 25mg 2x daily (wk 1-6)

test prop- frontloading for 1st 10 days

Test enanthate-600mgm/wk ( wk1-16)

Eg - 600 mg/wk (wk 1-16)

anavar- 20mg 3x daily (wk8-16)

any recomendatgions to combat the acne.. i tend to break out pretty bad on my back when im on a cycle and it usually stays w me for a couple months after...


also . it was recommended to me to switch the enanthte in for the prop, was told EOD with the prop would grow old espesially rinning it for so long. also was told that there were minute differences between the prop n enanth. for what im trying to achive..