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Dbol, Test Eth PCT

whats up?,

Have a question for all of you. I am about to start a Dbol test ethanate cycle. I have also obtained some nova for my recovery, however I am unsure of when to start on the nova (provided I dont notice any symptoms),the appropriate dosage, and how long to remain on it. Originally I was only going to cycle the test eth and begin my nova 2 weeks after my last injection for 4 weeks. I am unsure how adding the Dbol to my cycle will affect what I need to take during my recovery. Any help would be appreciate.


you’ve got the right idea… 2 weeks after last shot of test E… nolva for 4 weeks, 40/40/20/20

adding dbol does not change pct

some people like to bridge between their last shot of test E and their PCT with dbol because it has a short half life