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Dbol Test E Deca Cycle


ive done a test e dbol cycle before.

looking to throw some deca into the mix as such:
dbol wk 1-4 40mg ed
deca wk 1-10 250 mg wk
test e wk 2-12 500 mg wk



I hope you're not planning on pursuing poonanny for the first 6 weeks of your cycle. It will take a few weeks for oil based test to kick in, so you have about 6 weeks of DBol & Deca with no test. Not good.

You need to be running test from day one. The 4 weeks of DBol at the start is great, but 250mg of Deca weekly is pretty low. It will make your joints feel good, but probably won't have a profound anabolic effect. You need another bottle of Deca for a solid cycle. I'd suggest 400-500mg weekly of Deca, and taper and end it before the test.

I suppose you could try DBol at the tail end, but there's much better choices. Tren or Masteron as far as injectibles, Turinabol, M-Drol or even Anadrol as far as orals.

Good luck.


I'd suggest you buy the gear to suit your cycle, not set out a cycle with not enopugh gear!

If thats all the gear you have then why not just run the same cycle as you did last time? with a 10ml vial you'll prob only get 8 weeks of 250mg deca.

Look into clearance times for the drugs.

The stasis taper pct might interest you, especially if you're gong to run a proper test/deca/dbol cycle.

myck he has 250mg/week test from week one.

I wouldn't use research chem pct meds myself, generally underdosed, possible sugar water.

Look into frontloading.


what about 1-8 300 deca & 1-10 500 test?