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Dbol, Test E and Winstrol Together

Gender = Male.
Working Out = 6 years.
Weight = 160 pounds.
Body Fat = 10 percent.
Previous Cycles = 1, mentioned bellow.

My first cycle.
week 1 to 4 = 30mg Dbol (ED).
week 1 to 10 = 500mg Test E (EW).

Now after 6 months, I am doing my second cycle and have plans to appear in a body building show. I am three weeks into this current cycle.

Originally I had planned my second cycle as bellow (No Dbol).
week 1 to 10 = 500mg Test E (EW).
week 4 to 8 = 500mg Winny (EW).

One week After Cycle.
Day 1… 150 MG Clomid + 60 MG Nolvadex
Day 2 to10… 100 MG Clomid + 40 MG Nolvadex
Day 10 to 20… 50 MG Clomid + 20 MG Nolvadex
HCG 2000iu Per week Continue for 3 week

Currently I have weight of 160 pounds and exactly one month reaming in the local bodybuilding competition. Recently I have came to know, there is no one going to appear in 175 pound category. I have realized, if I take 30mg dbol ED for last 4 weeks before competition, I might have strong chance to gain 15 pounds (definitely water weight) and will go to directly in Title match.

Since I am already taking 500mg Test E EW, I am also going to start taking 500mg Winstrol EW (divided into two injections) from next week. I could really use some advice should I run them both Dbol and Winny together. I know Dbol is very harsh on liver, so does Winstrol even in inject-able form. I understand both drugs are have different purpose and pose similar kind of toxicity to liver.

I have questions. Are you pinning 5ml of Winstrol twice a week? If so are you literally insane? That is not at all how injectable Winstrol works and you’re frying your liver for no additional benefit.

Why not compete in a weight class where you’re going to look your best instead of bloating yourself into a weight class you don’t belong in just to claim you won?

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Don’t take dbol. That defeats the purpose of taking winstrol. There are a lot of other orals you can take like superdrol, tbol, hdrol, trenevar… that will all dry you out and out size on you. I’d suggest superdrol for last 4 weeks s

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What I am thinking now, It is wise not to take Dbol at all.

Sorry if you understood it wrong, I have plans for 500mg Winstrol EW. That simply translates to 70mg per day. But I have decided not to take Dbol with it, Its too toxic to gather.

Ok, but why so much? That’s 40% more than the standard (already high) dosage that most guys run.

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Please recommend me appropriate dosage (inject able per week), I have read at multiple threads recommended dosage of Winstrol is up to 50mg for tabs and up to 100mg perday ineluctable. It my first time Winstrol, or should i go for natural cutting since I am already 10 percent body fat. One month with controlled diet and cardio is possible to achive under 5% body fat?

my lipids took a nosedive from seeing these words in the same sentence.

Ya I have to second this…
This sounds really pathetic to me. I can’t imagine how you would ever be happy with a title that you didnt even compete for?!

Im guessing you know you dont have a chance to win in your current weight category?

Maybe because you didnt work as hard as the other people?

Whatever it may be bloating for a title thatbhas 0 competition is sad. Its not a win its a handout.

You need to acess why you have this mentality and try to change it or you’ll never be a winner in life. Youl jist continue going around looking for the easy way full of handouts and puppy dogs

easy bro, no need to get emotional. I am here just because you gays are much head from me in terms of knowledge and experience. All I want is honest advice how to use roids safely. If I really want the title then believe me I would have not asked you about it, then I would have already started taking Dbol. I don’t even like competing, just this time I though I should give it a try. By the way thanks for reply.

And… A small minded, not hardworking bodybuilder, “ARNOLD” build his entire career on Dbol and deca. What a “easy way full of handouts and puppy dogs”. Pathetic han.

See you already missed the point.

Don’t get defensive because you were called out for trying to get sppon fed a title you didnt earn

I gave you my honest reply not emotions involved. Sorry if you read it wrong.

Steroids dont make you grow muscles while you sit on your ass then allow you to win titles (well i guess in your case maybe it does if you decide on competing alone)

You can take all the dbol and test you want before a competition but if you dont put in the hard work you wont leave with anything besides a pat on the back.

So using arnold as a comparison is about as pointless as competing in a weight class alone.

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If 50mg/d of winstrol doesn’t get the job done then the job isn’t getting done at all. I know guys at elite levels are using crazy amounts of everything, but that’s a serious health risk at some point and we don’t know what that point is. You should be able to get super dry with winstrol and your pre-competition diet. Taking more of it may give you marginal benefit, but the law of diminishing returns kicks in sometime.

listen brother, i explain you a scenario I am facing. I am 6 foot tall and have wide body structure that’s why i weighs a lot. I can assure you i am under 10 percent body fat and have weight of 160 pounds. I know a lot of gays competing, they have huge muscles and done a lot of cycles already. But they dont have big body structures as mine that’s why they are in same weight as mine, despite having twice as muscle compared to me. I look like a chicken in front of them. There is no why this year i am going to beat any of them in any case. I will be the first one to be out of the competition. So thats why I thought if i gained weight to another category at least i can go to title match. Even then there is no chance I am winning it.

I’m sure that makes them very popular in some circles, but I’m not here to judge.


160 lbs and call himself a big boy ??

Just don’t take dbol and winstrol at the same time. Deca and dbol are both wet and great together for bulking. Dbol will make you so watery you won’t even see any results from winstrol.

but… you don’t weigh a lot. I don’t get this. 160 lbs at 6’ tall is basically starving. What country are you in that this is considered big?

Do you actually place value in winning an empty category? Beating nobody is something that sounds appealing to you? When I compete, I want to be in the most competitive class I can find. You just sound like you want a trophy. I bet you could have one made cheaper than what it costs to enter a bodybuilding show. You should look into that.


Yes thanks mate. I will not.

i never called my self big, i said i have big body structure. Not the muscles.