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Dbol Taper


Has anyone tried a dbol taper? I read it has a stronger effect on libido than testosterone at the same dose. Is that true? What would be the taper dose? Maybe 20mg a day for two weeks and then 15, 10, 5, 2.5?

What about a high dose masteron taper, 75mg masteron, 50mg testosterone with 250iu hcg per day.

I'm still not convinced a taper is any different than being on cycle. Is there bloodwork showing someone on a testosterone taper without hcg having a higher overall testosterone level than what's added synthetically? A dose of anabolics about equal to 100mg of testosterone per week doesn't cause severe shutdown, and doesn't count as being 'on cycle'? The Chinese birth control study was with about 150mg of testosterone, right? It makes sense, I guess, a 1000mg a week would shut someone down more than 100mg a week.

My goal is to avoid the crash in terms of mood, I'm not as concerned with keeping muscle going off cycle. What does the taper feel like? I'm hoping it feels like a slight boost, and not the uncomfortable sweaty insomnia/nausea of high dose tren/test.


Read the test taper thread again.


I used to incorporate light morning-only Dianabol use as a taper of sorts in the 2-week cycles, but lab test results showed that to yield slower recovery. Don't have lab tests for the issue of using it or not after longer cycles.


I read most of the test taper thread, but it's several hundred posts. I sort of was asking if you could choose one steroid to use at a low dose which would you choose and at what dose.

I'm guessing that since dbol is chemically different than testosterone, and since it's a class II (more nonAR than AR) it would cause less shutdown for the amount of effect. I don't know I'm sure dbol is fine for a taper, and it has a short halflife, which is good for while waiting for estered steroids to clear.

Still, I'm wondering how the body sets androgen levels and how androgen blood concentration is deteremined. I remember reading that there are AR receptors in the pituitary, and the amount of AR activation there controls how much LH is released. Is that correct?

If someone creates a steroid that doesn't cross the BBB, but still has AR activity, they'd have a steroid that wouldn't cause HPTA shutdown but still causes muscle growth, right? A molecule has to be water soluble to not be able to cross the BBB? Is there a way to make a water soluble steroid? I'm not sure what would make a water soluble steroid unable to cross the BBB. Maybe a nonsteroidal androgen (e.g. nolvadex)?


Umm... Go away.


It is an interesting idea but there is no known method for this that also would retain activity.


That is an interesting thought.

Controlling estrogen with an AI and attempting to make an androgen the body was unable to detect is practically the holy grail of steroids.

Non androgens are best for "bridging the PCT".

GHRP-6 and other peptides can keep you ticking nicely along.

But as far as mood crash, there isnt much that can be done beyond say a healthy dose of prami.