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DBol/Sust/Cyp/Deca Stack

Week 1-4 DBol 40mg per day

Week 1-10 Deca 206mg .75ml Mon & Thurs

Week 1-10 Test Cyp 200mg EW

Week 3-12 Sust 325mg EW

Week 14-16 PCT Nolva Day 1 50mg
Day 2-11 40mg
Day 12-21 20mg

Any advice or alterations to this stack? Advice on PCT? Open to all opinions.

Why not use the Sust earlier? The shorter esters should kick in sooner. Use the Cyp later in the cycle to help give the sust time to clear you system and establish a more level hormone level?

Something like this…

Sust: 325mg Wk 1-10

Cyp: 200mg Wk 1-5, 500mg wk 6-12

Plus, this way you could start the Nolva right after your cycle.

206mg of deca? makes you go humm…

I agree with schmazz, use the sust first as it will take longer to clear. You are going to want to end up using cyp last as it will clear in a couple weeks then PCT begins. I will also take a wild guess that your deca is 200 mg/ml not 206.

About the only thing that looks right to me is the dbol dosage.

Time to go back to the drawing board.

Your over complicating things. Use one type of test.

Few things…

I dont understand the delay of using sustanon as others have said. The decanoate is going to take a bit of time to clear your body so you would want to use it and keep the cypionate running longer.

I also agree with LilGuy. Why the different tests? Just curious on your 1.5ml of sust/wk then your .75ml of deca (not understanding the .75ml being 206mg either thats some strangely concentrated deca)and 1ml of cyp/wk? Just run Sust OR cyp along with deca. Most people do a 5:3 ratio of test to deca. Drop one of the tests and up the other one to match the ratio. Run the test a tad longer than the deca and call it a day.

Also people have talked about incorporating orals when your test is in full effect. I agree completely. I delayed drol and added it in later in the cycle and loved it.

Although this is a completely new cycle now… So maybe it is time to head to the drawing board as stated above.


To start and help clarify, the Deca is 275mg/ml=206.25mg/.75ml. The Sust is 325mg/ml. I was trying to split the dose of deca to keep levels constant. I was going to use the cyp with the monday dose of deca and the sust with the thursday dose. So what about swapping and running the sust 325mg for the first 10 weeks and add the cyp in to weeks 3-12 at 200mg?

Sus = EOD injections.

What about using or the other. Learn your compounds, needed injection frequency and then you may have a hope in hell of putting a cycle together yourself.