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Dbol Sus

this is my second cycle. first cycle did test enthate 500mg for 10 week.25mg dianabol for 4 weeks. and did proper pct i did not use any AI during cycle but had it on hand. i didnt notice any gyno jus did basic clomid for for month pct

second cycle i want to do is
sustanon 500mg 1-10 weeks
dbol 35mg each day/4 weeks
then pct with clomid 4 weeks 100/100/50/50 each day
will have AI on hand if gyno .


Why use sustanon? If you do decide to use sustanon you should administer (inject) it every other day

right now im jus trying to c the different effects it will have for me then test enathate

Why would it have a different effect? Once the ester is cleaved off the remaining molecule is exactly the same as the testosterone your body produces.

what is a matter with my cycle i dont c anything

Speak English.

And who said anything was the matter with it?

what u perfure sus over test enathate any thoughts on that one i guess

SPEAK ENGLISH. Are you slow?

what you say bonez should i stick with test enathate again maybe bump it up little bit for second cycle. or go with sus this time.

so im going to run the sus and dbol cycle starting next week i have priviron should i jus thow it in through the cycle if i have it or keep it unless if i get gyno during cycle.
my cycle
500 mg sus a week for 10 weeks /inj mon and wensday(train mon-fri)
dbol 35mg weeks 1-4
(have priviron might throw it in cycle too)
then 2 weeks after last inj start clomd
100mg ed day week 1
100mg ed week 2
50mg ed week 3
50mg ed week4

would every 3 days for injection be better then jus twice a week mon and thursday

E3D for enanthate. EOD for sus. Plain and simple.

its better to inj before you lift then after right

For me on sus at least 4 hours before workout (I prefer 6-10 hours before workout) eod at least!

would glute be fine for eod jus switch

Fuck no. 6 site rotation.

You have no idea what youre doing asking if you can inject each glut 2x per week. I mean you probably can but how does that make any sense when you have ventroglute, delt, quad and the other “exotic” sites to use.

ya i will prob do delt n glute for total 3 inj a week. jus with last cycle jus switched glutes for 2 inj a week for enathate witch was fine jus had to do it befor hamstring work out or too sore to inj for glute. what would u say easy for you compared to glute for inj?