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Dbol Solo, 750mg Total, 4wks, No PCT

Hey again. It has been 1 month and 10 days since the end of my dbol solo 40 mg ed, 4 wk cycle, did no PCT. (my bad).
Im feeling good now, better. Going hard in gym, dieting.
So my bloods just came. My estrogen is at high peak ( 39.7 pg/mL ) and test is on medium ( 4.11 ng/mL) for males - from 1.18-9.49 ng/mL) . It has been 1 month 14 days since my no pct cycle end. What can this say about my recovery at the moment ? Do I have a good chance to recover ? I was thinking that my test will be 0 to be honest.

What would you recomend ? Nolva , , adex ? Or better to let it settle out ? Or use smth for estrogen ?


Your test looks like it’s in the middle of the range (although I hate using those ranges as a real gauge) and your e2 does seem high. But…you say you’re feeling well, so that’s kind of what matters more than numbers. How’s everything else? Libido, mindset, emotions, etc. You don’t have pre-cycle bloodwork, correct?

Hey. Thanks for answering. If I compare this day,to what was going on about 3 weeks ago, it is 200% better. I was bad mood, depressed, headaches, all of that crap before. Now I feel like, to be honest, like before cycle. And in the gym, when I get a pump, I feel no different than on cylcle. I’m happy with the gains the whole way. Libido is fine. I did not do pre-BW ( I know, retarded), but I think my test wasnt even that high anyways.

I just want to know, should I wait more or use adex,nolva or something now, just to recover :slight_smile: