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Dbol Solo, 40mg ED

Hey. I have just come off my 40 mg ED dbol solo 3 week cycle.( i had taken 700 out of 1000mgs total). This is my 4th day of recovering, and I am feeling great, no weight lost yet, size strenght large too.

My question is, about when should I start noticing the “downfall” if any at all ? Are there any good signs as to my test recovering greatly ? I knkw dbol can stay like 5-6 weeks in , I just thought I should be feeling like crap on the 2nd day off dnol or something.
I wont use any pct drugs like nolva, I will eat creatine, zinc, Vitamin D etc., of course a higher diet aith loads of calories.

Any info sould be nayss.

Google and read the following:

Underground Steroid Handbook II by Dan Ducchaine
Anabolics by William Llewellyn
Steroid Bible by Steve Gallaway

Then maybe don’t run orals only as that’s frowned upon by basically everyone.

Good luck recovering. Might want to get bloods drawn 4 weeks after your last dose.

Just run test or something… why is it that everyone wants to do a DBOL only cycle? This is the second thread you’ve posted on this? You could have asked the same question in the first thread and gotten an answer…

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The reason you are feeling well after this I’ll advised cycle (length, compounds, no test, no pct, extra…) is because you have high levels of estrogen and no testosterone. Your body has not yet adjusted to this new balance. You literally did just the perfect length of cycle to guarantee natural testosterone shutdown.

You are feeling good because your body is awash in estrogen the feeling will go away soon. The reason you have not dropped weight is because all you did was make your body retain water and the estrogen is still holding that water. YOU NEED A PCT! If you do not do something to help your body recover then you will end up crashing possibly to the point of suicidal thoughts. Seriously if you feel good right now it’s because of the new huge levels of estrogen once that starts to clear there will be no testosterone to take it’s place and you will become an believably depressed.
Some guys instantly feel bad from estrogen some feel good. If you feel good at first I believe that means you are more susceptible to the suicidal thoughts associated with post cycle crash.

I am not a doctor I am simply regurgitating something I read a while back. Even if I am off on my recollection I know you have shutdown your natural testosterone and you need a PCT to help get you back into balance .

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Isnt problems with erection a symptom of high estrogen ? Im all good with that , tested it

By feeling well, I ment not unordinary happiness , but just normal, mayve a bit of agression here and therre…

I’m almost tired of saying this but here it goes again; get proper bloowork done and you’ll know for sure what your situation is; or keep guessing…whatever works for you.

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Hi. Finished my solo cycle 40 mg ED 4 days ago, didnt want to use nolva, because couldnt get it. Now I can order some from Uk store , is it safe to buy ? Does brand matter ? Is it worth for me even using nolva week after cycle stopped ?


Using your erection as a guide is using the wrong head to think with. Tranny’s take estrogen to grow breasts and they still get erections.

Like yubs said and I keep forgetting to say. You only KNOW with blood work.

Even with that said you really are playing Russian roulette with your health. You did the exact length of cycle that all those studies use as a guide marker saying stuff like “there was even a pronounced negative effect on natural testosterone production by week 3.” You not feeling bad yet means nothing because you have not given you body long enough to adjust to the new levels or in balance.

As far as if it is safe to buy the Nolvadex. We are not allowed to talk about sources here.
With a short chain or in this case oral only cycle you still wait a few days after you stop to start PCT. A week is just a few days longer than what is recommended for a start time for pct. Not doing a PCT is far more possibly detrimental versus doing a PCT but starting it a few days late.

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This thread is like Groundhog Day.

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hey guys, i have a question!

I just ran 40mg of dbol for 3 weeks. I could have ran more but I didn’t run more, so I’m not sure why I’m talking about that.

Anyway, things are good.

What’s wrong with me?


Not a damn thing. Cause dbol is awesome.

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Is it better to do blood test after some time or now ? Maybe wait a week better ?

I cant buy nolva or clomid, but I can buy natural test booster , like animal STAK for example, it says it blocks aromatisarion aswell, is it true ? Is there a point of me using these boosters after lets say a week during my pct with this booster ?

They only cost quite a bit but thats no problem if it will help

you already said you won’t use pct drugs. so what’s the point of a blood test?


THERes also this product with Great reviews - Manufactured by SAN Nutrition, Estrodex is basically formulated as an aromatase inhibitor, which helps block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen hormones. It is also designed to transform active estrogen into inactive metabolites to prevent the former from progressively accumulating over time and triggering unpleasant side effects like erratic blood pressure levels, development of “bitch tits,” as well as making you lose a significant amount of the gains that you’ve worked really hard for.
Do you think It would do good for me ?

I said I wont use, because I cant get nolva/clomid. But really, what about these “test boosters” and even AIs that I can buy and start using in 2 days ?

All of those products are garbage. test boosters are shit. and i strongly doubt that the ‘AI’ supplements actually work either.

Do the following, and you should keep most of your gains(80% roughly)
1)2 full bottles of Alph Male-with the mini cycle you describe that would be enough to bounce you back up from whatever natural regression that might happen during this time.
2)Use REZ-V 2 full bottles as well. Balancing your test/estrogen levels is one of the most if not THE MOST important after any gear use. Again with the very minimal amount and time you used dbol this will do the job efficiently and fast. If you use those two supplements suggested above you, don’t need any pharma pct.
3)KEEP LIFTING HEAVY- give your muscle a reason to keep your gains. HEAVY lifting will do that, and you should not see any significant strength loss
4)Don’t just eat “Shitload of calories.” eat at least 1.2g of protein per pound of bodyweight. And ROUGHLY double the carbs then that and its a good starting point ASSUMING YOU ARE NOT CARRYING HIGH AMOUNT OF BODYFAT(OVER 13%)if you are 1 to 1 ratio of protein carbs is a better starting point.
5)limit cardio- do the minimum needed while you off cycle if keeping your muscle gains is a priority.

Hey mate and thanks for answering. I am doing everything you mentioned and will do , except idk where I can get those products you mentioned, but do you think Estrodex estrogen blocker would work aswell ? Like I could buy it now, if it would work, at least I see good reviews after roid cycle about it.