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Dbol Questions

Is some of the dbol magic because of the bloat? Is it something you don’t want to completely eliminate with an AI, but rather keep under control?

Also, looking at an 8 week blast at 600mg Test-E a week with dbol. What do you think of 8 weeks of dbol @20mg/day versus 4-6 weeks at @40mg/day? Just thinking the old school guys seemed to take lower doses for longer versus the larger short duration. At these low doses I just don’t buy that the liver damage is serious, but what do I know?

The real dbol magic lies with it’s ability to create an anabolic environment through an increase in nitrogen retention. The bloat, though able to allow you to lift more weight, is secondary. Unless you are about to take part in some kind of strength event, I don’t see a reason not to control it.

Personally, I don’t tolerate orals well at all. Dbol seems to be the only oral I can handle.