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Dbol Pre-Workout + hCG Questions


I just started the second week of my first cycle in preparation for a powerlifting meet. I am shooting 300mg of Test Enanthate 2x/week (so 600mg/week), and taking 0.125mg adex (research chem grade) every day, which I will adjust as needed.

I plan to run Dianabol 50mg/day for the last three weeks leading up to my meet, but I actually have enough that I could use 50mg pre-workout for the duration of my meet prep as well (I train 3 days/wk). I was planning to experiment with this, starting at 25mg an hour before I train, and was curious if this is a good idea or not. If I decide to go this route...

Should I take live support supps like milk thistle daily for the duration of my meet prep? (I'm thinking yes). Also, Should I take an extra dose of adex when I take the dbol, or is that something I'm going to have to experiment with?

I'm also planning to start hCG either in the middle of the second week or the beginning of the third week, but I've heard a variety of opinions on how to dose it. The standard around here seems to be 250iu E3D, the standard in the TRT forum seems to be 250iu 2x/week, but I've also seen 200iu EOD or 100iu ED. I'm not a huge fan of pinning myself, but if ED or EOD is going to be superior in terms of keeping blood concentration level, I'll man up and do it. I could use some advice here.

Regarding reconstituting hCG - I have 5000iu vials with 2ml amps of 0.9% NaCl. If I'm going to be storing the stuff in the fridge for weeks at a time, should I try to get some BA water to reconstitute with instead, or will NaCl be safe in a refrigerated environment?


Bump. No advice?

Gonna try 25mg dbol 2 hours pre-training, if that feels OK i'll take another 25 on my way in. I'm not really sure what to expect, I've never taken an oral.

I will start pinning hCG soon, and would love some advice on NaCl vs BA water, tried searching and didn't get anything definitive.


i had to up my ai with the dbol. I used .5mg eod and that was enough to combat side effects and sore nips. I used hcg at 250iu's 2x a week (same day i did my injections) and it worked great. i started at the beginning of week 2 and ran it all the way through cycle. I also took 50mg dbol and took 25mg in the morning and 25mg in the evening. For me, i didnt notice any extra aggression taking it preworkout, so i just took it same times everyday. Use bac water for the hcg. its cheap and easy.


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Do you Filter this?


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Thanks for the replies.

If I had an easy source of BA water, I would use it, I was just wondering if I should go out of my way to get it. I'm leaning towards no, since there seems to be plenty of anecdotal evidence that NaCl works fine. No need to boil my own, I've got Ovidac brand 5000iu vials that come with 2ml NaCl amps.

Took 50mg dbol pre-training yesterday. Lifting felt great, but I felt bloated and slow warming up and walking around. I don't know if it was the dbol or the fact that I didn't have as much time as I wanted to digest, though. I'm gonna keep taking it pre-training only for the rest of the week and see how I feel. I won't be taking it daily until a couple weeks out from the meet.


Google 43 day hcg kit. There's one that comes with everything you need. There's enough bacteriostatic water to reconstitute 15,000 iu's. Assuming you are using 10 ml's per 5000 iu's to get an easy dose of 250 iu's per 0.5 ml's...


Wow, that kit is almost $400. But it looks like it ships from inside the US? How does that work?

It doesn't matter, because I have 15000iu on hand and I don't need more, but I think the bail money for breaking into am urgent treatment center and stealing BAC water and pins would be cheaper... :slight_smile:


Took the dbol again yesterday pre-training for a bench accessory day. I PR'd on pretty much everything, but it makes me feel like a lazy bloated piece of shit between sets.... whatever. No other sides, so I'll keep the experiment up for squat day - hopefully I don't retain so much fluid I can't get my suit on :slight_smile:


The one I got was $25. Amazon


Search for Bacteriostatic water at Amazon. It's easy to get. Vials on Ebay. Pins on Amazon. Much cheaper than $400.00.


Yep, you guys are right. I just googled it and somehow missed the amazon link and stumbled on a vendor ripping off hcg dieters.

I got pins from a cheaper supplier than amazon, but i'm surprised that this stuff is all on amazon. Im gonna .reconstitute my first vial with the included NaCl, but if i run into any problems, bac water is dirt cheap.