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Dbol or Decca


My goals are to gain mass and still stay as ripped as possible.
Which one would you guys recommend, Dbol or Decca?
Also, what is the difference between Decca and Decca (Norma)?


May I politely refer you back to the stickies before you get flamed?


You have a lot of reading to do my friend. I sense a small teen trying to get big in a month.



im 22, 6'2 205lb. My goal is to reach 220 - 230lbs. Why waste your breath telling me to read when you can just answer the question.


Why spoon-feed you information that can easily be found in multiple places, not only on this site, but also through multiple media? Your original question is plagued by ignorance, and will most likely not be taken seriously by anyone that frequents this particular forum. Please don't take this as a personal attack on your character, because it is merely a helpful suggestion to enhance your experience on this site.


Here we go.

Threads like this are the SOLE reason why this place is too hostile at times.

OP - People like you, with your attitude towards doing your own research, make the regulars skeptical of ALL people who are new. There are plenty of people that come in here who genuinely want to learn but may phrase their question poorly or 'noobish' and get flamed for it when a simple explanation would do. However, someone with the sense of entitlement that you project deserves no such service from us.

Dont ask someone about wasting breath before you consider how much of a waste of time your piece of shit original post was.

Wanting to know what is better for 'lean mass' gains is a common question that exposes misconceptions about how AAS work.

And what does your second question mean? Surely "what is the difference between 'Decca' and 'Decca' is a typo.


Decca is a rip-off herbal orally taken supplement, which is sold on a particular steroid site affiliate.

It is used to separate ignorant fools from their hard earned pocket money expecting all they need to do to 'get big' is google 'steroids', do a 'course'.. and hey presto!

'Deca' is an endearing slang term for Nandrolone Decanoate, a very popular and commonly used injectable androgenic hormone used for protein synthesis in sports and muscle wasting diseases and performance enhancement - albeit not in the bedroom.

Now you have your answer - in depth - and you also have the pretty universal consensus that if one doesn't do their own research, then why should we do it for them?

(The mere mentioning of the scam 'decca' is a big sign-post for everyone else that you have no fucking clue what you are doing, and if you continue along this path with no further education in the chemicals you seek, you are likely to reduce your current health and function to some level below where you are now).

The advice to read should not be taken as an insult, but as very good advice - for anyone, anywhere, and in any subject.



Where is the test?You should only take D bol for 4-5 weeks.Take a test and either its up to you.Check out 2 more boards along with this one and get informed.


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