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Dbol only

I was thinking of this 2/4 system, but only using dbol. Do U think this is a waste of money, or do U think I can gain a few lb that I can keep. I was thinking of testing the method doing 50mg/day for 14 days, than clomid(if ness.) for 2 weeks or so. So I just have to know, Is 2 weeks to short for this?

ststs: H: 182 85kg(1kg=2.2lb) bf 12%

Not that there is not enough info here already,
but if you go to the Meso site and search for
“Ask Bill Roberts”, you will learn more in
2 hours than what most gym rats learn in a
lifetime. Anyone here that hasn’t read these
articles should do so. Most of your questions
will be answered. MikeS

I think DBOL is well suited for 2/4 and I
am sure you can gain 5-10# LBM doing it this
way at 35mg per day on the 2 on period.


You’re better off (greater gains/strength) by stacking the dbol with a Class I steroid (that has a greater androgen receptor affinity) eg primo. The two drugs work synergistically yielding a better result than just one on their own. Just my .02.