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Dbol Only with Clen and T3


New to this - friend has me trying a dbol only cycle with clen & T3. 40 years old, 6'2", 255 lbs., fair amount of fat, big frame - only been lifting for 7 weeks (but working very hard). Comments please - am skeptical of both dbol and oral steroids.


Have you actually started this 'cycle' yet?

How much is a 'fair amount' of fat?

Dbol only cycles, especially for newbs aren't favoured around these here parts, my personal advices would be do not do this cycle, it also contains no AI and no PCT.

Make dietary adjustmensts as necessary, so that your regular eating habits don't make you carry a 'fair amount' of fat and carry on with your training.

I personally do not find clen agreeable, and many discourage the use of T3, especially for beginners.

Read the stickies....

Good luck



have not started yet - over weight by about 20+ pounds. what are your suggestions for a new guy?


The clen and t3 are more to be worried about then dbol.

You are in no position to be using these drugs. Youre describing your lifting experience in WEEKS. Stick to a proper diet for fat loss and a solid lifting routine for a while (A WHILE) before using drugs that are poteintially dangerous.


I appreciate what you are saying - what is my friends reason for suggesting dbol + clen + T3? Is it common practice to do these three? Started lifting again 7 weeks ago - have been in and out of the gym for many years. Any suggestions are welcome.


What are your goals here? You didn't mention any doses, but T3 and Clen stack is used for SERIOUS weight cutting. Thing is T3 does not discriminate between fat and lean muscle, it just burns tissue period.

It sounds like your friend has suggested the addition of Dbol to counteract the loss of muscle. This is not ideal, as the gains from Dbol will be mostly water and will go as quickly as they came. It also suppresses your natural test production, so it's almost completely worthless to run Dbol without running another androgen concurrently and several weeks after to help solidify the gains.

I've never used clen or T3 (and personally I will probably never fuck with T3), but from what I've read most people suggest Test Prop 50mg/day or 100mg/eod to stave off muscle loss while on a T3/Clen cycle.

You also did not mention an AI or PCT.

You're much older than me so obviously you can make your own decisions, and I'm not trying to be a dick, but overall I don't think you should do this because its clear you have little knowledge of these compounds or a proper post cycle therapy plan. Your buddy's knowledge is also suspect.


Your friend probably suggested the Dbol to maintain muscle and provide some slight strength gains, whilst the Clen and T3 will, if used in adequate doses provide a fair amount of fat loss. Clen does NOTHING for me except give me zits. I have not used T3 yet so I cannot comment.

You should investigate these drugs yourself and arrive at the conclusion of whether or not you want to do them and at what doses yourself.
One of the 'big guns' on here is very liberal and advises against the use of T3. There is a profile for T3 on meso-rx by Bill roberts who has written a fair bit about it. There is plenty of information in the steroid newbie thread in the stickies that will be of interest to you.

If you implement a healthier diet you will look and feel better, you CANNOT out juice and out train a piss poor diet.

Good luck.


Only post in this thread that the OP should be reading right now.


Your friend is not doing you any favors at all recommending drugs at this point. But youre a grown man and can make a decision for yourself. But this is a situation with a clear distinction between the right and the wrong choice.


I guess I will not go thru with it - thank you for your honest opinions. That is why I decided to post on this particular site - to get an honest response with out being "dumb fucked". Just getting harder at my age to keep the body I want. They just talked so nonchalantly about these things - like it was fairly safe and not a big deal. He still claims that an Anavar cycle or two would be ok. And that clen would help me burn off some of my fat - and yes - I do realize that a better diet would also do the trick. Is clen safe - along with Anavar? Just looking for a boost.


My goals are to lose some fat and get my body back from a few years back - want to build some muscle - will never be body builder material. But want to do better.


And what did "rational gaze" mean in his statement?


people here are never gonna recommend you to use any bodybuilding drugs because it sounds like you know NOTHING about training and nutrition. These things absolutely have to be down before adding in drugs or you will not get the results you're looking for.

when people first learn the importance of proper nutrition, they are often ASTOUNDED at the kind of gains you can make naturally, especially if you have never thought about your diet before.

you don't need drugs, you want a shortcut... or what you call a "boost"... but you if eat properly you won't need a boost yet, you can make rapid gains without drugs... however if you don't eat properly, no amount of drugs will make you look the way you want


You are right - I do not know a lot about proper training and diet. I will take the advice given and do my homework. Thank you guys for your honest thoughts.


Will do my homework. Thank you guys.


there are probably only 1/100 guys who actually take the advice "not to use drugs yet" maturely.

if you are really serious about changing your physique, and are willing to read, research, and learn everything you can about gaining muscle and losing bodyfat, then put it all into practice by eating 5-6 meals everyday and training 4-5 times a week, you will really be surprised at how fast your body can change. Especially for someone like you, who's first goal is to lose bodyfat, if you diet properly for 6 months you could look like a completely different person.

There are a lot of good dieting articles here on T-Nation. Actually here are some vids of Dave Palumbo talking about dieting that are great for a beginner. watch all 3 vids and you will have a start. good luck


Thanks Dbol123 - I will be the 1 in 100. I would like to try sometime - but need to go about the training different based on your advice and what I've read on here the last couple days. Just had no idea what it waa all about - thanks again.