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D'bol Only for First Cycle + Diet Help


My stats:
90kg (was 130 but cut down over a few years)
BF around15% i think
Goal:lean mass only-not interested in a massive bulk to have to cut for endless months.

I've been training with weights for roughly4-5years, was cutting mainly for last 2 years using a CKD diet.
been trying to add some muscle again recently, and been working fine but looking to starting some AAS.
A mate of mine has just ran a 6 week cycle of D-bol only (30mg/day) and has had some awesome results. He's just offered me some at a good price.

I was looking to run the same, possible 25mg.day for a 6 week cycle adding nolvadex in at around week4 (i'm pretty susceptible to holding fat around the chest area as it is)

Has any body ran a cycle like this before? does it seem safe to just add the nolva for PCT?
Also i much prefer a keto style diet (maybe carbs preworkout only) but don't like the bloat and feeling i get, also have slight bowel issues.

Would the anabolic diet or any sort of CKD work well with this cycle or are carbs really needed for the growth?


6'2, 198 pounds, 15% BF? Only 168 pounds of LBM?

Do you know anything about AAS? Have you read the stickies? Have you done any research besides what your 'bro' told you? Did you use the search function?

You don't want to get bloated, but you want to take dbol?

You, my friend, are in for a world of flaming.


yes i have read the stickies but i wouldn't ask the questions if i knew the answers would i?
just after a bit of help mate.

i battle to keep fat off hence the previous low carb diets.
i don't mind some water retention just can't handle the bloat i get from carbs (i have IBS and its not the nicest of feelings getting cramps all the time)
i've looked into running just test-e as a first cycle but thought i'd see some opinions on dianabol as it's been offered to me.


Well first, type correctly. I guarantee you will get more/better responses. You're using the same keyboard we are; if we can handle it, you can too.

Second, you could search Google or ANY steroid board, including this one, for "Dbol Only" and you will find that it is not recommended. Again, did you try to search?

You're on the right track with Test-E only for a first cycle. I've included a nice link for you:




Lifting stats?


Ok noted.

Cheers for the link, I will have another look.
Everytime I searched it on google I got mixed answers, some people say that it was fine to run as a first cycle etc, while other totally slated it.

I will have a good look and see how I get on.

With regards to diet on a cycle, any idea how low carbs would work? Obviously I will need to ramp calories pretty high as with any mass gaining diet, but most people are giving it the old "you need carbs to grow"

Any idea's how the Anabolic Diet or a CKD might work?(i.e. if I ran with a test-e cycle)

I'm looking for as lean gains as possible, and am happy for them to be slow gains, I don't want to get massive fast (I get drug tested at work and don't want it to be TOO obvious)



Bench press 105kg (8-10reps)
Deadlift 130kg (8-10reps)
Squat 130kg (8-10reps)
all good form but working my way back up after cutting for so damn long.
2 years ago was liftin:
Bench 125kg(same reps)
Deadlift 160kg (6-8reps)
Never did squats previously though (was a newbie)


My advice is that a 22 year old with 160something pounds of LBM on a 6'2 frame is not physically ready to make the best use of AAS.

Spend some more time training naturally, getting your diet in check to add 25 pounds of muscle (minimum) then consider a cycle. Your diet may need serious tweaking because you seemed to have lost a ton of strength. If you can get your strength back up without adding the fat that's fine. Just something to keep an eye on.


Thanks mate, good advice. Any tips on diet to add lean mass? As I said I tend towards the low carb diets. I'm happy to have carbs in the morning and pre/post workout(usually in the form of some oats with some whey)
Having difficulty what to have for the other meals? Do i stick to high fat/high protein as with a keto style diet still? Or will that lay slabs of fat on because I'm having some carbs?

Thanks again


no reason you can't gain on a low carb diet. just make sure you are getting about 100g of carbs post workout along with whatever protein shake you are drinking.

as for lifting try to focus on compound lifts and lower body...chinups, dips, bench, rows, squats, deadlifts, lunges....these excercises should take up 90% of your time at the gym...lift heavy, keep a log, try to beat your numbers from your previous workout and as long as you do your strength increase will cause a LBM weight increase...especially if you have lost muscle mass due to dieting, it comes back fast.

best of luck...

when you are ready for a cycle - DBol only is not a good one btw...it will bloat you like a mofo and then you will deflate like a balloon when you are done...if you wanna stay lean try test (400-500mg/w) stacked with primo (600mg/w) or masteron (300mg/w). Do not do this until you have added at least 25lbs like these guys said...gear is a tool to break through plateaus with hard work and proper training/diet, not a shortcut to avoid putting in the work...until you know what works naturally you won't get much out of gear other than a temporary boost to your ego which goes when the gear does.


I am not in a flaming type mood today so I will actually be helpful for once.

with your age alone you are not ready for aas as of yet, the risks outweigh the rewards.
Dbol only is not a great Idea it can be done but its really disappointing in of itself.

if you want research thats cool but I would really look into things alot more before jumping over to this side the fence

a good beginner cycle is test by itself at 500 or so mgs a week with an ai every day with a serm pct
anywhere from 8-12 weeks being the norm.

diet wise depends on your goals, eat clean but eat big along with heavy training youll get big.
eat a cutting diet and you will cut pretty simple actually

worry for now about getting diet perfect when you can manipulate your body using diet and training alone then using AAS will make it that much more rewarding, its not an easier way to do things its just another tool in your bag that you can pull out.
but like any tools of the trade you need to learn how to use it first.

make sense?


Dbol only cycle: Fail
162lbs LBM at 6'2: No Bueno
Lack of concrete PCT protocol: Mucho no bueno
Holding fat around the chest area: ???

All you need to do is show interest in the Velocity Diet on cycle to throw a cherry on top this badboy.


I don't really feel comfortable giving out diet advice simply because I feel like I am the exact opposite of you. I'm a short guy who has struggled for every pound I've gained. I eat around 500-600g of carbs on workout days and have not the slightest clue how to structure a low carb diet. Plenty of people have more experience than me when it comes to nutrition though. You'll get help.


You dont need Dbol, you need a clue. Your clue is, Train.


I suggest a cycle of:

Steak @ 907184.74mg ED for an indefinate number of weeks.

PCT: More steak.


There are plenty of other threads to make stupid posts in.

This guy is genuinely interested in learning and flaming him only makes you sounds like an idiot.

Same goes for the post right above yours