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Dbol Only Cycle


Can you retain gains off a dianabol only cycle?


Dude I have not been on this forum in a long time, however I am positive asking for sources is completely against the rules on any forum... That is just plain stupid to do what you just did


You've posted twice; both times about this "gear" stuff, whatever the fuck that is.

You are either:

A) 16
B) A cop (and a really bad one, at that.)

I'm guessing you're 16.

Go away, young dumbass.


I think they changed the rules.......I thought I read recently postig website sources was ok but I am not sure.


Try posting a link to a site that sells AAS. I got 10 bucks that says the link will never see the light of day on this forum.


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Yeah, I know how you can get legit steroids over the internet.

You send an anonymous Western Union money order for $350 to this pharmacy in Bosnia. Then 3 to 6 weeks later you'll receive your legit steroids in the mail in a discreetly packaged box.

Oh wait, did I say to send the anonymous money order to Bosnia? I meant Buffalo, NY. You send the money order to a secret address in Buffalo, NY.



they were to let sources through due to popular demand whatever that means but even though thats the case no intelligent person is going to do so thats like me putting an ad in the newspaper saying jow blow down the road sells all sorts of crack i mean honestly what the fuck is the point hell in the same scenario just a differnt side of it i would throw up a want ad saying hey who sells ecstacy that wont rip you off i should slap you with my dick for asking such a question


Dude if you want steroids go to the gym and start chatting up some BIGG fuckers. Try to make some friends and eventually one of them will help you find what you are looking for. It may take patience but all good things come to those who wait. When the student is ready the teachers will come. Seek and ye shall find.

Heres what I did. I worked out at the gym here in China for the past 7 months, I had an idea that some of these Chinese guys were on roids. So I waited. I found the Chinese word for steroids, one day I mentioned to one of the really ripped buggers that in the West steroids are quite popular, and asked does China have such a drug??? The guy responded "Sure lots of people use them". Well I invited him and his girlfriend out for dinner, with my girlfriend who could help me translate. To make a long story short he is now hooking me up with Anadrol. But then about 3 days ago in a pharmacy I realized I could by Methyltest and Test Propionate legally anyhow.
My point is if you want roids bad enough don't be a retard and send your money to a stranger, make friends. Take some guys from the gym for a nice dinner, or maybe drinks, kiss some ass and see what happens.


Check it out, a great site for gear:

Thank ya folks, I'll be here all week!




I actually almost ordered some stuff and it was supposed to be from Bosnia & Herzegovina, I was too skeptical about it