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Dbol Only Cycle, Skip Nova?

HI i have been taking 30 mg a day dbol only cycle for a week and have stoped
i no i shouldnt of did them bye them self i want to reserch how to do a proper cycle before doing them

all i want to no is can i just skip the nova as i only took 30 mg for a week

im 96kg and 6ft

no nolva for 1 week at least

so can u just not do nova

Personally I’d do a week of Nolva 40 mg per day, start a couple of days - a week from when you stopped the Dbol.

Next time ask the questions before you begin a cycle, or just don’t bother at all if it’s dianabol only

k thank u

[quote]powerbuilder57 wrote:
no nolva for 1 week at least