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Dbol on Test/Deca Cycle?

Here is my cycle so far:

week 1-6 Pmag (similar to turinabol)
week 2-8 Test/Deca

I didnt use my dbol to kickstart because I was unsure if my previous joint injuries would be able to handle the stereoids so I used a lighter kickstart. Im going to run the test for 13-15 weeks and the deca for 12.

So im wondering if it would be safe to throw im some dbol now for extra gains?

when in the cycle would u plan on adding the dbol if u start right after the pmag and say run it for 4 weeks thats 10 weeks strait of methyls chances are ur liver will be ffine but its not worth the risk imo u could add the dbol at the end leading up to pct though