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Dbol Never Really Worked For Me

im now getting into my third cycle of dbol. ive used both papers, and the blue hearts. both with and without test. ive never gotten much gains at all from dbol. nothing like ive seen other get, or what others talk about. i gain about as much on test alone, as i do when i stack any it with dbol. any thoughts?

if its not the quality of the dbol then maybe u need to check ur diet

I have never really seen permanent gains from just dbol. Usually most of the weight I gain from Dbol is water retention but it gives me a good boost in strength to kick things off while I wait for test to kick in. If your looking for good gains stick to the test if thats what works for you

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I picked up 20g of d-bol powder back in the day, having never tried it, thinking it would be awesome for some size. I’ve tried it at 25mg/day up to 100mg/day, even 100mg all at once an hour pre-workout. It never seems to kick as much as it does for others.

I gave most of it away and those people certainly aren’t complaining, so it isn’t bunk. Perhaps I’ll try anadrol like Bushy, though for the long-run I’m beginning to stay away from orals. Sounds stupid, but maybe it just doesn’t work well with some people.

Im a personal fan of it. Have yet to try drol in comparison. I find that at even 30-40 mg a day it works wonders.

Arnold used to eat that sh*t like candy. Up the dosage, run test with it, dont go longer than 4-5 weeks…5 may actually be pushin it.

Anadrol never worked for me and I’ve tried like 4 different labs. Dbol gave me solid gains and I never got any bloat. Everyone is different

Setting aside the fact you bumped an 8 year old thread… I’m on my first run of dbol 50mg/day and I haven’t noticed much.

Strength hasn’t really improved, I found I get a lot more out of anavar and winstrol. No bloat either but I get easily dehydrated and need to put back the H20 to feel normal. BP didn’t elevate either.

week 3 of dbol is where shit gets interesting, in my experience

Are you sure you have legit dbol? Don’t know, like I said everyone is different

everything else I’ve gotten from this individual has given me great. I would be doubtful that its fake but a possibility i suppose.