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Dbol, Mast, Deca, And Test E Cycle


Ok im currently running a Dbol masteron enanthate deca and Test E cycle this is currently what im doing let me know ur input thanks im currently doing one shot a week low dose for 20 weeks

Dbol- 40mg ED for 4 weeks
Masteron E- 100mg a week for 20 weeks
Deca- 150mg a week for 20 weeks
Test E- 200 mg a week for 20 weeks.

The masteron deca n test all have fairly long half lives thats why i figure 1 shot a week to just boost my levels and have small but maintainable gains. Let me know what you think


I was given this cycle to try by a guy who was very creditable about what he was talking about as well as he was running it he was actually running it a little bit smaller of a dose but also added tren in and ran it between 20-26 weeks one shot a week

75mg of masteron
75mg of tren
125mg of deca
125mg of test e




wow that was helpful


Why are you running such low dosages for such a long period of time???

And Why are you only shooting once a week???


Im running such low doses because im 23 and all i want to do is elevate my levels ive used 400mg of deca and 500mg of test a week before but i find that im usually wasting it and pissing it out. I want to elevate my levels and that way im not gaining 20lbs and losing alot of it im gaining minimal weight but also keeping it as well and it usually takes around 8 weeks for deca to take full effect anyways and usually by that time people usually stop there cycle very shortly.

Im shooting once a week because with deca it has a half life of 6 days and test enanathate and masteron enanthate have a half life of 5-6 days thus i do not believe i need more than one shot a week to keep my levels up. I have noticed a good strength gain off of it and also weight gain im leaning out and gaining some weight.


Im wondering if maybe i could split everything in half and just do 2 shots a week with 50mg masteron 100mg of test and 75 mg of deca and do a monday and friday shot but i dont know


you need to shoot Enth E3D for a stable blood level.


Ive done enth like that before and i find it just gets wasted i didnt see a huge effect on me when i did do that.


So you are using 4 different steroids to gain a minimal amount of weight..and in doing so suppressing your natural testosterone production for almost half a year..

How has natural selection not weeded you out yet?


10-20 lbs for a cycle is good and to keep it is the most important part most pros are lucky to gain 10-15 lbs in a year from a cycle I have less side effects maintainable gains and don't shut down my system


You are definitely shutting down your system..you really don't know anything at all do you?


Yes you're shut down. And are you a "pro"? I doubt it, so I wouldn't compare your gains to the gains they have. I'm not even sure what your comparison serves to prove.

Are you using any HCG during this 20 week cycle? Probably not because you don't think your shut down, which is absolutely not true. And your post about splitting shots into 2 per week being wasted does not make any sense. It does keep blood levels more stable, there's no way it couldn't. And nothing is being wasted by splitting a dose into two injections as opposed to one.

Honestly, if you don't think you need to take high levels of hormones to grow, I don't see a problem with that and I actually applaud the fact that you would like to use lower doses, as opposed to these 2gram cycles we usually see. Yet, what I don't applaud is the stupidity in all the other posts following your first one.


I'm not saying splitting the doses is wasting it what I'm saying is using the normal 250 mg of test and the 200mg of deca in each shot I believe is wasting it because 500mg of test and 400mg of deca a week all I'm gonna do is end up pissing it out and using too much. And yes I'm taking hcg. I don't have a problem with splitting shots just I use one shot a week maybe I could split my shots in half and do two a week whatever but my thing is just low doses for an extended time is all


Can you explain this "pissing out steroids" thing? All this complex science is going straight over my head.


Your body can only absorb so much test and gear. I could shoot myself with 1000 mg of test a week and doesnt mean my body will absorb and use all 1000mg most of it will go to waste. Your body wastes it and you end up pissing the wasted test n that out.

After your body adapts to long term usage is usually when you have to go up in doses because your body can than take in more but for the most part the gear just gets wasted by using too much. Have you ever been on a high dose cycle and when ur pissing it smells almost vitaminy and that its because your literally pissing out and wasting your gear by using too much.


As well as the more you use the excess that is wasted also converts to estrogen thats why you can get gyno and other sides


100mg of deca is enough to almost completely supress natural testosterone.


Wheres Bonez on this one....


care to cite any studies?