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Dbol Liver Values

Forgive me if this has been discussed before (tryed searching). I’m currently on trt nebido/reandron 6 weekly shots and i have just started a dbol/test cycle 4 days ago.

I was going to have my first shot of test e today. Went to the doc as I was feeling sick and he pulled out a surprise test for me he wants me to do Saturday 4 days from now… it is for Fbe, u&e, and lft. I’m guessing red blood count will be included too

I immediately stopped the dbol (cursing). I have dosed 4 days now at 40mg per day. What are the chances my liver values will be elevated because of the dbol?

I’m really concerned if they come up bad he’s gonna suggest I get off trt. And when I was just about to start my 1st cycle! Any help? Thanks

It will likely be fine. If they are not fine, just ask to be retested in another week or so.

OK no problems. Fingers crossed because I need to be able to squeeze this cycle in before I’m due to see my endo. Will milk thistle help or won’t do anything in 4-5 days?

It wont hurt.

Just called my GP for the result because I want to start my cycle asap. He reckons everything is fine however my red blood count is slightly elevated!. Arrgh. Can this be caused by the dbol? Or more likely the trt? A few weeks ago I did a quick blast of prop for a couple of weeks(stupid and pointless) because I was going overseas in addition to the trt. Could this have also contributed to it?