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Dbol Issue on Blast

on trt currently blasting with t 500/week and dbol 30mg/wk on day 25 and having all kinds of gi issues. Im getting nauseous alot especially in the gym and also having trouble with appetite. Woke up yeaterday and puked before i left the house. Needless to say my diet this last week hasnt gone well. Ive made some strength gains and get pumped as hell in the gym but i havent made size gains like people tend to talk about with dbol. Im sure thats diet related with whats going on.

Has anyone experienced this? Im thinking i need to stop the dbol early or maybe just take a dose before gym time. Basically with my diet this way ive created a cutting/lean gains cycle.

Are you fucking kidding me, get off the god damn dbol. Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting etc…

Do you have jaundice? There’s a lot of variables to what could be going on however given the hepatotoxic nature of metandienone it appears you’re liver is getting fucked by a massive, incredibly large penis. Genetic predisposition determines how heavily one gets strained by orals, and you may be unlucky, that being said get off the dbol. You’re body is clearly under a lot of stress if you’re losing appetite and vomiting. Get a liver Pannel done if possible

Your Dianabol dose is 30mg a week? So do you take 30mg all in one day?

No 30mg/d divided dose. Im not jaundiced. Had labs done a week ago 15 days into dbol that showed very low rise is ast 58 (0-50)alt78 (17-59). I can check again today. But this feels more like heartburn with belching nasty crap.

Are you taking any liver support supplements? If not, might be worth a shot.

Have you had a liver panel done before off cycle, and if so what were your ‘normal’ numbers? I’m not a doc, so I can’t say how bad of an elevation those numbers are. Assuming those numbers are a ‘mild’ increase which will self-correct after cessation of dbol, then your dbol might have something in it that screws up your stomach (one of the binders or fillers, is what I’m referring to).

And on the other hand, it is sicko season. You might have caught a stomach bug from somewhere. But I would def stop the dbol until you figure it out.

My labs were normal 6 months ago. Im on milk thistle and liv. I showed the labs to a doctor friend that said a hard weekend of drinking would pop it up more than that but ill recheck them today.

There is definitely bugs going around and i guess that might be a factor and im just focused on the dbol.

I stopped it mid day yesterday.

Labs were normal. I think the gi discomfort is related to dbol. Several other people have mentioned that it made them have upset stomachs. The nausea is related to hypoglycemia. I bought an accucheck device and checked my glucose after finishing legs and it was 68. So i think my workouts being pretty intense and having less of an appetite have been counterproductive.

Today i did back and shoulders ate 2 eggs about an hour prior to work out and drank 30gm prt during workout low carbs. And my glucose post workout was 84.

Ive gotta work on my diet I believe to fix some of that. Currently 230 20% ive had my carbs pretty low to aid in fat loss and help with leaner gains

You should try John Meadows concoction bowl pre wo and use a fast acting carb mix intra wo. Great pumps and you can get your work in without going hypo.

Ill look it up thx