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Dbol + Insulin + Proviron


Hi everyone, planned a cycle over a month and half or so now, you can check it in my thread, had to cut it short 3 weeks in because ive got through appendicite surgery, shit was painful but now i’m back to the gym. had surgery on 8 February and waiting the 2 month mark ( 8 april or so because i had a slight infection and recovery was delayed) to start going heavy again.
Idea is to establish a short cycle ( 6 weeks max) with orals/ short esters
Thinking of starting a cycle which will go like this:
1-6 dbol 40mg /day
1-6 proviron 25mg/day ( need some insight on this: to use or not to use? take advantage of the bloat or not?)
1-6 7iu’s maximum ( starting out with 1-2 iu /day) max slin 3x week
1-6 0.25mg femara E2D-E3D
6-10 nolva 20/20/20/10/10 + 0.25mg femara E4D ( avoiding overkill)

Diet will be the same as previous planned cycle, will hard cut/ prime for 2 weeks starting tomorrow, training also will be same as previous planned cycle.
Any ideas to tweak the cycle are welcome!
Thinking of adding anadrol to the mix? 50mg/ day? overkill or not?
Thanks everyone!

Link to first cycle thread: Final Revision: Test + Dbol + Proviron


I had an appendectomy when I was like 21. Worst thing ever.

That cycle is terrible.


Also, slin? Really?


I can’t use the test right now, i’m saving what i got to use ( previous cycle) after august for the mere reason that pct will be on Ramadan where ill be fasting for a whole month and i like to do things properly! About the slin i’m aware of the dangers and i already have alot of knowledge aswell as i’ve already experimented slin for a couple of weeks about a year ago!
For test i have access only to enanthate and 6 weeks wouldn’t be that sufficient, would it?
Anyway, i’d just like to gain those 7-8 pounds at best with this cycle.
Would like your feedback bout the slin !
Cheers yogi



I wrote out a sarcastic reply but I’ve changed it because it’s not worth the bother.

I think you suck


Hahah, i already read it. So pct while fasting is a bad idea indeed as i said, anadrol also? Maybe some constructive criticism will help mate, sorry i didn’t meet to your standards :smiley: , or is it i missed out on something?
Cheers man

PS: i’m avoiding the long cycle for the reasons i stated before+ final exams on july ( masters next year)


500mg test E for 8-12 weeks

30mg dbol a day for the 1st 4 weeks

.5mg adex eod

Clomid PCT

That’s the only cycle you should be considering for now. Save things like slin for waaaaaaaayyyyy down the line.

Use short estered test if you can’t be on for long


I have access to test E only as of now, so i guess i need to wait it out or reconsider this 6 week cycle. Thanks for the love mate, appreciate your advice and concern, no sarcasm.


de nada.

You can do a 6 week cycle with test E if you frontload the shit out of it, but remember to factor in the ester clearing time


Thanks Yogi! Will read about front loading right now! Cheers mate


i find it weird that he’s using AAS and also worried about fasting for Ramadan…


You have like 3 threads now? The cycle you were planning in the very first thread was fine.

not sure how you managed to plan that OK and now put this nonsense together.

I would wait until you can do a cycle that is similar to the one you originally planned.


@cycobushmaster Trust me, most muslims are not really that strict haha, i drink occasionally and do alot of nonsense regarding islam but Ramadan stays a sacred month i guess. Anyhow let’s not turn this subject into a religious debate and let’s focus on the essential! :smiley:

@pex86 Well i guess i’d have to wait to be honest, i can’t wait to finish what i started! Surgery was a huge setback but i’ll be disciplined enough to plan an okay 6 week cycle, if not, i’d just wait as you said, thanks for your feedback mate!


Hey man - yeah it sucks that surgery set you back but thinking long term I’m sure you will get a lot more out of it if you wait to be back to 100% and run the plan you were originally going to to. If time frame is an issue and you feel ready to do a cycle sooner i would go with an 8 week version of the original plan


do you realize that it’s pointless to do a cycle before you fast, right? you’re gonna lose all your gains…

but of course, you already knew that, right?


I thought i only had to go through pct to maintain ?? clarify me please. Still, i’d be eating alot on Ramadan ( approx 10 hours of eating from sunset to dawn), that said i’m very tempted not to fast this year :rolling_eyes:

@pex86 Thanks alot man appreciate the advice, i still got a couple of weeks to think about it,if ever i get tight on time i guess i’ll be patient and wait it out.

Thanks everyone for the feedback appreciate it alot


how will you maintain if you’re not eating enough?

If you want to get the most out of your cycle you need to take your PCT seriously and if anything you’d want to increase your calories rather than cut them.