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Dbol Has Zero Effects on Me

i’ve had many cycles under my belt, most of them a failure due to my lack of knowledge on diet and dedication, bunk gear

Right now im on test E 600 per week, tren e 200 per week, bolde 800 per week.
I’ve gained about 2.5 lbs in 6 weeks, clean. Diet is not great but 5 out of 7 days, i stick to it.

My issue is, just like others, my first compound was dbol. And my trainer gave it wrapped in newpaper. Blue hexagons and FUCK IT WORKED. It changed my outlook on steroids. I gained about 5kgs of water plus muscle weight in about 18 days, but this was about 10 years agowith ZERO diet. Now i’ve tried from 4 different sources, dbol doesnt works.
NONE. EVen my most trusted guy, whose none of the compounds turned out to be fake, even his dbol didnt work (he is the same guy who gave me first dbol)
I’ve tried THaigar Pharma, Aegon Pharma, Danabol DS(thailand) and even Meditech pharma.
None of them worked.
Im starting to wonder if something is wrong with me or is it just that dbol just works that way that it stops working ? i dont think thats the case, but i could be wrong

If that’s all you’re getting out of that much gear, something is definitely wrong. Unless you’re that huge already, but I’m thinking your name isn’t on the Olympia ticket.

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Are you 260lbs of pure muscle already?

My diet is like this
4 egg scrambled
2 buns

200gm paneer
300gm white rice

protien shake

Chicken 150 gm
200-300gm rice

Almonds,dates, cashews as snack

Im 66.5 kg now around 13-14% bf

thats what im asking, what is wrong, im ready to accept if im making stupid mistakes

I didn’t do the math, but if you want to grow that doesn’t look like enough calories. Maybe half. I’m not a BBer, but personally I think most of them are tiny and shoot themselves in the foot with the constant cutting and paranoia. They look big, until they’re standing next to a PLer or Strngman. I realize a BBer needs to be “shredded” and all that, but curbing growth that much is counterproductive in the long run. And seriously, what are the drugs for if you can’t eat?


You’re eating 2000-2500 calories. How tall are you? 145lbs is very small unless you’re super short. You shouldn’t be using steroids, but rather learning to eat and train better. You should be getting way more out of the cycle you’re running.

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it fits around 2700-3000 calories if i eat a pack of pop corn and peanut butter with it.
I rarely put on fat and it has always been easy to lose fat than gain muscle.

Im not a bber, im built athletic and want to stay that way, have no dream of posing in most muscular.

You didnt say anything about dbol tho

Sounds like you’re either trolling, or have bunk gear and have for quite some time. How anyone would be 145lbs after running cycles including Tren and DBol, is beyond me. Again, unless you’re SUPER short.


You never learned proper diet and relied on gear. This is what happens when you don’t learn the basics and lift naturally. The best advice I can give you is to come off everything and PCT. You need to let your androgen receptors clear out. I’d stay away from all gear for at least 5 months and learn to train and eat for success naturally. Then, maybe run a solo Test. cycle: 250mg is plenty to make gains.


Im 5’7. Yes as i said i’ve got bunk gear 60% of time. Only confirmed when a proper bodybuilder got stuff from same guys and it didnt work.

Can you explain whats the problem in my diet ? Im exceeding my Protien intake limit, high carbs, high fat.

You’re not eating high anything… your carbs aren’t particularly high (especially given your self described ectomorph build), without calculating your protein I’d guess you’re not even hitting your body weight in protein, and your fat isn’t particularly high from appearance either.

I could never grow on 2500-3000 calories personally.

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I use myfitness pal to calculate.
at the end of the day i end up with around 170gm protein, 290-300 gm carbs and 90gm fats

man, you saying i need to chug more ? lol i put a lot of effort to down those 3k cals, im full always

My fitness pal is decent, if you actually scan barcodes and use the proper selections. I can’t see 90g it Fat in there just from looking, but I’ve also don’t know about paneer or what’s in your shake. 300g carbs for me would be a bit cut.

You’re at 2,690 calories from your description. Too low, especially given your build.

paneer is cottage cheese, very high in cals from fats.

To reach 3k cals, i also add small snacks like dry fruits, banana, etc.

So you mean my cycle is fine but my diet completely wrong ? I watched greg doucettes video where he says you can grow in deficit, and i dont think that even 2.8k cals before taking into account excercise and all is severe deficit that i wont grow.

This is why I suspect:

You have under-dosed or fake gear.

Your training is poor.

And your metabolism is fast and you’re an ectomorph. More carbs help a lot.

okay, i will get my bloods done and get back.

apart from total test and free test, what else do you recommend

Not to be a Dick, but you seriously have no business using steroids. Your diet and training are off, your lack of knowledge with AAS is evident, and you don’t even understand what to look for with labs. That tells me you’ve probably never run pre cycle labs. You’re being reckless, and you’re not benefiting from the risks you’re taking.


You don’t say how many grams of protein in your shake but assuming it’s 25-30 gr by my calculations you’re getting about 130 gr protein, maybe. You also don’t say what your workouts are like. On that kind of gear I would think you need to be eating at least 1.5 times the amount you are, maybe more if you’re training to the max. What you are eating seems more like a maintenance diet.