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Dbol Friend Pct

i know this sounds stupid but my friend run dbol only cycle for 6 weeks 30mg ED monday will be his last day i dont know what pct will i give to him because its a stupid cycle at all. but im asking you guys so please help my friend thank you

He clearly hasn’t done his research before starting, why should we bother?

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i still care bro if i know what pct will give to him i’ll tell him but i dont know also if i have a chance to safe a person life why not right?

Look for a nolvadex/clomid protocol. I think dbol has a very short half life so I think it should be started the day after he comes off it. I’m not experienced but even I know the basics of some of the drugs. You’d be better advising him to research before he does anything.

yes i talk to him about the stupid decision he made. i know something about cycles and pct but dbol only thats bullshit lol i think imma give 40/40/20/20 nolva and thats it. thank you btw

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