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Dbol First Time


i have 100 10 mg d bol tablets
i have pct
i have milk thistle
i have dandeline root to lower the water retention
i was told to take 20mgs a day fr 7 weeks
is the above correct??
how many calories a day should i eat??
im 6 ft 1 and 73 kilos
ive been in the gym a year now and this is my first cycle
can somebody tell me if im goin wrong anywere??
id appreciate some advice


Sounds like you want to spoon fed everything to me rather than doing a quick search and learning everything for your self. Also how many calories to eat is very different from person to person.


6"1' and 73 kilos? My God...


What do you expect to gain? How long have you been working out? How does your training routine look like?

Not sure if serious...


6'1 160 pounds

hahah go to the beginners section where you belong.


I'im asking for help is this.not wat this website is for no need to be a prick


Your plan is perfect. Dont worry too much about food, the dbols will provide all the necessary nutrition.

Cant wait to hear about your monster gainz!


There are plenty of other forums to troll. Go there.

Eventually your posts here will be reported and deleted.


Me telling you to go to the beginners forum is ridiculously good help.

Youre emaciated. Learn to eat and train like an adult man.


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x2. You're wrong. This site isn't for us to spoon feed you all the information without you having any kind of understanding of what you're putting into your body. You asked for help, and that's what Bonez did. You are not ready for steroids. Period.


OK, seriously now, you have goin wrong in a few places. First, you should read the stickies. You should have no problem figuring out that most people on this site will suggest Test only for a first cycle. You should also figure out pretty quickly that a post like yours lacks information needed for the help you are asking, and it will be thoroughly flamed and you shouldn't take it personally. Spend some time doing a little research.


If you post your stats expect to get some flames.