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Dbol + Fat Loss


I'm currently half way through my Dbol cycle, doing quite well. But now thinking about cutting a little fat.
If it possible to loose fat while on Dbol? as i heard that Dbol actually puts fat on.


This is not a good way to use your first post.


dbol is known to increase water retention and bodyfat due to elevated E2. Use some AI during your cycle to decrease these side effects. Minimize sodium intake etc etc

In general Dbol isn't great for cutting...


Hi, thanks for the reply!
I'm sorry, but what is 'AI'? (I'm new to this scene!)
Also, when my cycle is finished, would it be okay to get a cycle of a ripping roid, like winny to help the fat loss?
I should of realy cut before the cycle, but i wanted to rush into building mass:p


results are almost entirely dependent on your diet. you can essentially cut or bulk on any type of AAS. But I suggest sticking with a single goal for the entirety of your cycle. i.e. Dont bulk for 4 weeks and the cut the next 4 weeks.


The Serm and AI sticky is a good place to start. Guys on this board don't enjoy spoon-feeding newbs. Infact I'm shaking with anger as I type this. lol. Just kidding, but seriously read about the basic shit on your own time, and then come back here and ask real questions. Good luck!


haha thanks! Everyones got to start some where!


No problem. :wink:



Usually not smack in the middle of your cycle


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