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Dbol Even on Rest Days?

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liquid oral suspension of both is in grain alcohol 20mg/mL of Dbol and 10mg/mL of Nolva, both taste awful are both are 100% clear in color. I’d post a picture but take my word for it, they’re clear. should there be a tint to either of these?

I do notice a heavy chest and shortness of breath in the hours following ingestion of the oral as well.

Oral Dbol is clear quite often - especially if held in suspension with everclear. You should be fine.

Shortness of breath? - Watch your dosage. Try building up to your goal dosage capacity instead of jumping right into it. Or dial it down a bit til you reach a sweet spot.

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thanks littlerunt for the assurance.
i’ll try toning it down.

i have another question… why would I take Dbol on my days off if its half life is max 6 hours? I generally take weekends off, so I hate to waste 2 days worth if there is no synergistic effect beyond the day of ingestion.


any takers? DBol wasted when used over a rest day? consecutive rest days?

Your body is recovering and building muscle on the rest days so it would not be a complete waste to take it.

You could spread out the dose on your rest day and it would be much more effective.

that way you would keep a constant level of dbol in your system instead of just a big burst for strength when you workout.

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