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Dbol Dosage


Pretty simple. How much Dbol per day on a basic Test E cycle? I plan to run it for the first 4 weeks only. A "bro" is telling me 50mg/day which I think is absolutely outrageous and unnecessary. Since this is a new compound to me, I'm thinking starting at 25mg/day. Thoughts?


30mg would be fine. 50mg is not outrageous if you adjust your AI dosage accordingly.


I started taking 40mg a day, pre workout about 3 weeks ago for the first time. Nice compound. Wish I had opted to run it 6 weeks


Dbol works great as a kickstart. But I found I was disappointed when I came off… I would personally let the test kick in and then throw the Dbol in around week 6-7 when test levels are high and it has better synergy. Just my opinion. I take 10mg Am 20-30Mg pre workout and another 10mg PM

And it’s not outrageous. I don’t know why (this is the second post recently) it seems people are scared of Dbol… It’s an amazing compound… After a week or so of steady usage. The effects become pronounced and the pump is great…