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Dbol Dosage Splitting

Hi Guys

I previously used 10mg Dbol tabs and split it into 3 dosages throughout the day.
This time however I have 15mg tabs and looks like i will split into 2 dosages.

My question here is will 15mg split to 2 be fine? Or should I up my dosage and take 15mg x3?
It will be difficult to accurately split the 15mg into 10mg pieces.
I just feel like due to the short half life its gonna like “high-low-high…”


There’s a 0% chance that you’ll notice the difference between two doses or three.

Thank Iron.
I’ll go with the 15mg x2.
What timing would you advise on?
I was thinking 12:00 then 18:00.

Depends. Does it cause any sleep disturbances if you take it later in the day? If not then the times you have listed seem fine.

Thanks Iron. No sleep issues. Will use as above.
All set now.

Why bother? This dose is so low you’ll likely derive no benefit whatsoever. If anything, it may shut you down without providing any bump. Are you combining with test or Dbol only?

What dosage do you recommend to get benefits?

Hi Myth

The dbol will be my Kickstart to a test e, mast e, deca cycle.
I was under the impression 30mg per day dbol was standard dosage.

The way it was written it appeared you would be splitting 15mg into 2 doses of 7.5mg each.

As an addition to t a Test Cycle, 30mg would be fine.

Oh yes I see how I worded it poorly there.