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Dbol/Deca Cycle


First cycle/ first post. Go easy. I have already purchased 2000mg of Deca and enough Dbol to run 35mg ed x 5 weeks or 30mg ed x 6 weeks. (which is better option for Dbol?)

Most here seem to favor longer runs of Deca (I know most here don't like Deca at all) say 8-10 weeks at around 400mg/wk, but I have enough for 400mg/wk for 5 weeks.

My questions are 1)should "aquire" more Deca and run it 8-10 weeks or is 5 weeks going to be enough for a gear virgin? 2) Should I aquire Test E and run it at 250mg/wk to counteract negative sides (deca dick), or do I really need to bump to 500mg/wk of Test E? (I would run it 1 week longer than the Deca and I have Nolvadex and B6 in case of Gyno and Clomid for PCT.) 3) Can I go without Test E altogether?

I am wanting size and strength gains but I am wanting to keep my gear use to myself and not make this blantently obvious.

The above cost me $300 including ancillaries and overseas shipping. Am I getting shafted or is this the average cost?


get more deca...enough for 400mg/week for at least 8 weeks.

better get yourself some test unless you like being a limp mofo. 500 mg/week. run it one week longer than the deca.

save your nolva for PCT (with the clomid) and obtain some a-dex to run during your cycle. 0.5 mg EOD should work....adjust dosage as necessary.

it will be obvious that you are gaining size...wear baggy clothes or something....i dunno. personally i could care less if people think i'm a juice monkey. if you're getting into this game, it comes with the territory so deal with it.

yes, it looks like you were bent over a little....but the bottom line is that you got some gear without legal hassles or any other problems. the best price is literally whats available to you at the time. down the road, with more connections and knowledge, you won't get screwed over.


I would love to use Arimedex but it would cost me $228 for 28 1mg tabs. That would take me to day 56 of 63 day cycle at 0.5mg EOD. Shit that is expensive.

Deca I can only get in 2000mg multidose vials at $145.

Test E is $62 for 5 amps of 250mg so total would be $248.

That makes $621 more in gear. Shit. Damn expensive! I feel like I am taking my gear in a suppository form for this kind of dough. I have read deca, dbol, test are some of the cheaper gear. Shit! I am getting hosed.


Look up Liquid Anastrozole. It is the liquid form of arimidex. It is much cheaper.

I would suggest that you look around for another source or two. I would expect prices such as:

Deca: 250mg/ml 10ml for $70-80 or so.
Enan: 250mg/ml 10ml for $50-60 or so.


Thanks Juice and DRG for the help. My source online overseas does have Anastrozole 50 1mg tabs (doesn't have liquid) for $240 which is about half the price of the trade name A-dex I listed above.

Does it make any difference with Dbol 30mg ed x 6 weeks vs 35mg ed x 5 weeks in this cycle?

I am still wary about the Test E at 500mg instead of 250mg but I very much trust your judgement. But if the consensus is 500mg/wk as a cherry popper to go with Deca and Dbol I will do it.

This is my 3rd transaction with this, my only, source and all has gone well (except the price crap). I will email him and see if I can get the rest at a reduced cost. (Can't hurt to ask)


Who suggested that yuu run Deca without Test? Whoever that person was, make a mental note not to follow their advice again. Personally, I would never run Deca, but for those that do please run Test with it, at least if your sexual function means anything to you.

Why not run a Test only cycle? Are you putting together a cycle based on your goals and long-term health, or are you putting together a cycle based on your wallet?


simply put, you're getting fucked at those prices. look into research chemicals to get your nolva, a-dex, clomid from now on....a fraction of the price your "source" is handing his shit out for. the gear prices are outrageous aswell.......but like i said before, if thats your only option then you'll have to live with the wallet raping....or wait till you find a better source.