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Dbol Cycle and PCT Questions


im 26 224 and 6 2

Ive been looking a taking a cycle of dbol

Im looking a the following
week1 10g/d
2 15g/d
3 15g/d
4 20g/d
5 20g/d

while on i was going to take tamoxifen to help prevent any gyno and some milk thistle for liver protection.

ive been doing research on try to formulate the best pct program. but cant really come up with a good one. Any help that anyone can give that will steer me in the right direction as far as how many grams of what for a pct and the best things to be on during the cycle will be most appreiciated.


You are not for real. No way.




No, you haven't. If you had done any research you would know why this is a bad idea.


Congrats! First dbol only proposal of 2010. You win nothing.


i wasnt trying to just take that only on the cycle. thats what im trying to find out what i need to be on during and after the cycle. so how about alittle insight instead of what im doing wrong.


What? I posted a link that answers all your questions.