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Dbol Cycle (8 Day Vacation)


Is it safe to start a dbol cycle 40mg/ed on wednesday if im going away on the 8th of jan till the 16th? Id have to take an 8day break from the cycle, would i risk a shutdown? if so what orals could i run with this 8 day break between weeks 1.5-2.5? Thanks a lot for any info.


Yes- you need to run an 8 day cycle of micronized creatine in your socks while you are off Dbol for 8 days.


What? Why? I am confused man, this doesn't make sense on so many levels......


Nothing you are saying is making sense.... why can't you take it for 8 days?

1) Don't start till you can take it consistently

2) If you had to ask this question, you need to read more before you start, or you will probably mess yourself up

3) Where are your stats? Length of cycle? Any other info...