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Dbol Chest Pains


I’ve been taking dbol for about 11 days and getting some sharp pains in my chest and unable to take a deep breath.

I stopped the dbol for 1 day and I felt normal. Took the dbol again for one day and the pains etc. Came back.
I’ve been to the hospital, had a chest X-ray, ECG, bloods etc. And everything came back fine. I’ve been checking my bp a few times a day which is usually normal or on the low side of high.
Could this just be anxiety or should I stop the dbol?


What pharma?


Are you on a test base and are you taking an AI?




No, the guy I got them off advised dbol only. First time using ass


Wow. Might wanna just stop. At 10 days in, you’re probably fine. Really asinine move to start an AAS cycle without knowledge.


Wow! With all the information that is available on AAS use and you blindly trust some random advice. Stupid people do stupid things; like research something “after”…


The fact that he isnt on test has nothing to do with his issue. Come on didnt any of you guys use some dbol in high school or prohormones like M1T with out a test base when it was available OTC? Well I did, lol. Granted he should have known better. But sometimes you trust your big muscular peers. So the guy got bad advice. I am actually interested in this because i havethe same issue. I always assumed it was high BP. In fact I started using Telmisartan this cycle and no chest pain using dbol! Lets pretend this guy is on test. What do u guys think is the cause? One other possibility could be indigestion/acid reflux. If your BP is good, that is what I would expect. I personally like zantac. But Tagament is a good one to use with oral methylated AAS because it fucks with some enzyme that increases the half life and absorbtion of the oral AAS. Tagament fucks with my appetite so i dont use it but also grapefruit juice will do same thing.

I thought I was having a heart attack when i was in my 20s. Went to hospital. As soon as i mentioned anxiety attacks, thats what it was. Since i had had them before. But i would think since i had had them before that i would know if i was having one. Fuckin Drs! Dont get me started. Anyways I found out it was acid reflux and my esophagus was having spasms. Didnt fogure that out until months later of course. But acid reflux is my guess bro! Couldnt hurt to take 150mg zantac ed. Start the zantac a day or 2 before the dbol. But get some test man. You wont keep any of your gains. If you are doing this for a powerlifting comp then go for it. I had a friend in high school break all kinds of high school records thanks to dbol.


Definitely not acid reflux. I get acid reflux every time I drink beer or eat spicy food. My blood pressure is fine. I’ve got a bp machine and have been checking it about 6 times a day.


The problem is, looking for info online can be hard. Forums are full of good and bad information. A lot of it is pretty much copied and pasted from one forum to another without the guy posting it actually knowing what he’s talking about.
I assumed the guy selling them knew what he was talking about. Same way I’d assume someone selling jewellery knows about jewellery.


If you’re POSITIVE it’s not acid reflux (this would also have been my guess, because it’s the type of thing that could happen that quickly), then it’s almost certainly anxiety. particularly since this is your first time running gear.

I think the responses about source, ai, and test base are all truly irrelevant to your case, and while it is good advice to use test and an ai for all cycles, that shouldn’t be relevant to your problem.