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Dbol 'Build up' or Something Else at Work?

The half life of dbol being only four hours means that even a 100mg dose is out of your system in a day. So where does this “kicking in” sensation come from? Weight gain? Water retention? Psychosomatic?

My decision is this: run a full 6 week kick-start or split it up into 3 weeks on/3 off/3 on? Any disadvantages to running dbol this way? Buds said there wouldn’t be anything wrong with going this route but I’m wondering what I’d be giving up (if anything) in splitting it up, since most people report not noticing strength until the second or third week.

I’m into the third week of 30mg/day and noticing no pronounced strength increases, though my bodyweight is up and I’m starting to look “on”.


I don’t really feel a huge strength increase from dbol but I do feel I get a better workout. I personally love dbol, the best way for you to figure it out is try both ideas. Do 6 weeks straight then for your next cycle split it up. I like taking dbol midway through my cycle if I’m running longer esters.