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Dbol Bridge

I’ve been on a bulking cycle for 8 weeks which has consisted of 5 weeks of dbol at 30mg and 8 weeks of test e at 600mg. I’m at at 16%bf. I don’t wan’t to carry that much fat into summer, but I also don’t think it’s responsible to switch to a cutting diet and maintain the drugs for another 12 weeks, while I cut down my fat.

I’m thinking about just coming off the test and starting aggressive PCT in conjunction with dbol at 10mg to maintain my gains. I’d bridge for 8 weeks, then begin a 12 week cutting cycle with test and tren.

Studies have shown that dbol does not suppress test, lh and fsh and therefore makes it a good choice for a bridge drug while allowing for receptor recovery.

I’m looking for feedback from those experienced with the suggested bridge.