Dbol Beginning or End?

What’s up guys I’ve been proposing my first cycle teste at 600mgw for 10 w with adex eod@.5 and hcg eod@250iu know I have a quick question about dbol I’m going to frontload also. Now I’ve been reading about people putting dbol at the end of a cycle to keep gains coming after the test has fully kicked in. What are your thought on this and I was going to pin 3 days a week should I use the hcg on the days I don’t pin with the test?

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Yea I post from my phone so I’m basically texting it it sux sorry.

Sorry about that I’m posting from my phone and its a pain in my ass.anyway I’m really jsut asking for opinions on the dbol at the begining or the end I’ve read of both ways what do u guys think is best.?

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Regardless - the answer is yes. Either, depends on what you want.

Use at the beginning to feel effects immediately, and with a frontload of the test you will also get full synergy.

Use at the end to benefit from synergy for a few weeks, a bridge between injections and PCT and a boost after results stagnate.

I like to use nearer the end or after 4 weeks or so.

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Ha ha not me lol. I’m not the greatest writer ohwell. Thanks for the insight I was hoping u would chime in.

To elabourate (due to the compliment):

If you were running a… 10 week cycle, i would suggest you do this>

Wk1-10 Frontloaded Test E
Wk7-12 Dianabol
Wk13-> PCT

This way as gains slow or likely stop after as long as 6 full weeks done… you add the dbol and “boomph!” (add calories and shit if you want size)

My beliefs are : If you are not a highly competitive BBer, testostosterone only for weeks 1-8. The first two weeks at least should include either a testo prop or testo no ester so that you get almost immediate effects. At week 8 add something else like dbol etc. This is because around week 8 your body surges myostatin, and a new compound helps your body still make gains despite an increase of myostatin. Gains tend to slow down around week 8 because of this

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Ooops, sorry I see Brook answered the same roughly. I just read the initial question.

note to self : read question than look through posts to see if Brook answered, if so you know the correct answer was given.