Dbol at start or end of cycle?

15 years lifting experience, 30 yrs old, 3rd cycle.
I’m planning on doing approx 650ml sustanon and 250ml deca a week with letro throughout and nova plus HCG post cycle. I also have 100 dbol tabs.
When is the best time to use the dbol?

At start of the cycle or at the end for the 3-4 weeks while I wait for the test levels to drop before PCT? I will front load with the sustanon also if need be.
Any thoughts and experience on this would be appreciated.

How long are you planning to run the cycle?

Some thoughts:
I have no experience with HCG but from what I’ve heard, it’s better to run it during the cycle rather than after it. Might want to look into it…

As for the dbol, I’d run it the first four weeks rather than the last four. That way you get the kickstart and you get to run it at the same time as the sust

I like a low dose dbol at the start just to kick things on a bit (dont like going over 30mg/day have done up to 70/day) waiting on strong injectables to kick in. Love dbol at the end.

My next cycle will have both. for me both have a distinct noticeable advantage.

If I had to pick one…it would be at the end.

my ability to retain lbm and strength after pct using winny or dbol b4 the test clears my system is excellent, it helps my mood and i bounce back well.

I only need 10mg dbol a day at the end to do this, with winny i need alot more and makes a little irritable but leans me out a little too.