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Dbol at Beginning and End of Cycle?


Hey guys about to start week 6 of my first cycle.

W1-10 600mgs Test-Cyp E3D
W1-3 30mgs Liquid Dbol ED
W1-15 10mgs Exemastane(aromasin)ED
W15-20 40/40/20/20/10 Tamoxifen/Clomiphene(nolva)ED
Pin size- 23g 1"
*thinking about adding HCG W7-8 to W10.

So Ive looked around a little bit and was thinking about adding Dbol back in towards the end of my cycle, some other camps agree that it wouldnt hurt and I just wanted to get your guys take on it.

Thank you for your time


ITs fine. Run it until the day before PCT

I have no idea how you plan to use those SERMs though.

You wrote that youll be using the SERMs from week 3 through 20. That doesnt make any sense. Even if you meant 13 through 20, it's still not right. No way should pct be 7 weeks long.



maybe off topic, bonez, no matter how long the cycle pct still only 4 weeks?

ive never done but i know someone personally who stayed on for nearly 8 months or so
and did like 3 months of pct


Awesome thanks for your feed back.
for some reason that was a typo I have it written down as W15-20.


Because you are using HCG at the end towards the PCT, I see no reason at all why your PCT should take more than 4 weeks.

I've read some stories about users tappering the Nolvadex like 40/40/20/10/5.

This board claims a 40/40/40/40 Nolva PCT, but many studies claim that there is not much difference in increase of Test between 20 or 40mg Nolva daily.

My PCT is mostly 40/20/20/20 but that's my opinion. I've never done very harsh cycles. Mostly Test only or Test + dbol when bulking.