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dbol androsl test and tren

im curious…with the advent of androsol and with it having the similar action to 50mg dbol perday is it even necessary to ever use dbol again? along the same lines with tren being such a strong class 1 drug and stacking with a strong class 11 im thinking testosterone might not be even necessary anymore either. i believe bill once said he wouldnt use test again for this reason. any comments?

Personally I don’t see the need for Dianabol
anymore and have discontinued it despite
the fact that there would be no further cost
to me for using Dianabol. I like 4-AD better
and nor-4-AD better yet. The results are as
good and there is no aromatization problem
or 17-alkylation problem.

Testosterone indeed isn’t necessary if you stack both Class I and Class II steroids.

When using T, (okay, it was at a gram per week) I had immediately horrible acne – some
actual severe pustules – worse acne than I’ve ever
had in my adult life (note: most users
do not have this reaction.) So I don’t use
T anymore because of that side effect on me, and the fact that
synthetics can be combined to be equally
effective with less side effects.

One would certainly hope so, since that’s why they were
designed in the first place. :wink:

Bill, I agree that the Dianabol use is not needed and that Androsol does seem to give the same benefits. Dianabol seems to have too much hair loss and other problems associated with it to be even worth the effort. Androsol has allowed me to achieve more lean gains than the Dianabol could but it doesn’t seem to increase the aggression in the gym as much.

While I do think trenbolone is a better addition to a cycle than T I still think there would be some benefit to adding 250-500mg of test in as well. I’ve seen virtually no side effects at this level with me or other users. Testosterone seems to impart more strength for me too, which is another reason I choose to add it in. Although at the gram a week level I had the same problems that you experienced. Wouldn’t testosterone and its metabolites be low in the case of HPTA suppression from synthetics? If so, would it not be wise to add some test back in? Of course the usual precautions of finasteride, clomid, and/or arimidex might be applied.

One other question, how do 4-AD levels compare to an average person, one on a cycle of test, and one on a cycle of Androsol? I’m just looking for a general hypothesis.