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Dbol + Andriol??


i heard dbol should be used with testosterone for maintaining muscles after the cycle.
then, how about oral testosterone??
does it simillarly work as sustanon or enanthate??
and if i'm only be able to use oral steroids, which trainning way is better, lose-weights or bulk up?


Oh dear here we go again !!Research?


come on man, I know this guy has not put forth that much research if he's asking a bulk/cut question in a steroid forum, but be of more help. Your sentence did not contribute to the thread one bit.

OP as far as to bulk/cut...orals have nothing to do with what you should do but the drugs themselves can dictate which to do.

In fact tho...drugs should not make the question arise as to whether bulk/cut. You should have goals thought out before pumping hormones into your system.

Figure out what you want to do...then the best drug choice to help you achieve those goals. Not get whatever drugs you can then ask what should I do I have x drugs. That doesn't make much sense. If you know what kind of drug Dbol is then you would know it'd make little sense to take while cutting although I know some people that have done it. There are better things out there.

As far as Andriol and Dbol AFAIK you can use both together but I'd be weary in how much test is being absorbed into your system .vs. injecting Test.

I would say to inject Test E and use the Dbol for a kick or add it in the middle.

Then get an AI and SERM. SERM is nice to have on hand and I would personally run an AI throughout the cycle.

I think the more you read up on Andriol the more you will want to just Inject test.

I have limited experience and have not used either of the drugs you have talked about, but I have done my fair share of research and that is my take on things.




Andriol is oral test.. they first thought it was a non aromatising and safer version.. but in those doses it is mostly ineffective - and in the higher doses where gains are better you get (of course) increased aromatisation, hypertension, acne.. whatever - the usual suspects.

Why only oral AAS? If this is not a point worth arguing with then i wouldnt waste my fucking time with andriol my friend. Expensive and for the most part ineffective in comparison to the results expected by test.

I would prolly choose from the following drugs:


I would not see this post as pro-oral only, as i am not. To use AAS and risk the sides they give and then not use drugs such as Drostanalone, Testosterone, Nandrolone and Trenbolone to name but a few, is a bloody serious, serious handicap.

Look into the best liver detox and protection whilst on AND off cycles, and make sure you get regular LFT's too.
Use AI's AND SERMS depending on the specifics.

I would also follow dianabol and anadrol runs with immediate use of primo or var.. this should go a long way to keeping gains.
Tbol is a good one for good gains and lesser water - a big problem with drol and dbol, and the main reason they end up very disappointing.
Stack wisely, run no longer than 8 weeks - preferable 6 weeks with the toxic choices. Utilise 3-4 week cycles ran regularly too and you could realise some good maintainable gains. (3on/3off)
The benefit of orals is they work fast and get out of the system fast - allowing gains to come fast and recovery to come fast.. this is important in creating your year or two of cycling.
Make sure you learn the optimal recovery for you as not recovering during oral only cycles will ensure you go nowhere fast.. especially seeing as you have a limited amount of time to gain.

Primo and var will be good bases IMO, as they are relatively safe and tolerable, with primo being a half decent builder in large doses. A 8-10 week run on 150mg/d of primo with 3(or 4) weeks of 40mg/d of dianabol followed by 3(or 4) weeks of 50mg/d tbol would be a nice stack and cycle IMO. Stopping all AAS use at the conclusion of the use of dbol or drol will result in massive drops in size and strength.

As for the question "which trainning way is better, lose-weights or bulk up?" i will not address this as the profanity i will feel compelled to utilise may cause upset with you and your mother.

If you are intent on using only the most toxic and dangerous of the AAS available then maybe you should educate yourself more on the pharmacology of the compounds a little more.

Good luck



um.. there is a misktake, as i'm not good at english.
if i'm only be able to use oral steroids, which trainning way is better, lose-weights or bulk up? <-- this means when i used oral drugs much, then i felt somehow disgusting. then my bulkup plan went to bad.
then i thought if i could use oral drugs only, then would using in lose weights be better??
anyway, i know what drugs are how working, there was little problem in communicating, and i thank for answers.


Sorry man but I can't understand you.

Good luck



your asking which way is better to keep gains? maybe you have heard you loose your gains from all orlals?

am I correct?


Which do you think is more effective to use only oral drugs during bulkup or loseweights? <-- one of my friend rectifiyed for me. plz don't tackle it any more :slight_smile: shameful TT
I promise to write the post with preparing english



OK.. one does NOT choose to bulk or cut on the drugs being used, it is the other way around.. one uses certain drugs to assist a bulk or cut. So on this site, if you suggest this direction - we will not agree or assist. It is a question that should never need to be asked as it displays a fundamental misunderstanding of performance enhancement drug use.

As for your question - although quite ridiculous, i do understand its point - lets break it down:

Oral only cycles tend to be 'unsuccessful' due to dianabol and anadrol(the drugs that gave this impression) being such powerful water bulkers, so much of the potential 20-30lbs gained during a 6-8 week run will drop within a week post cycle, leaving a mere ~5lbs of muscular gain post cycle. This is a decent gain considering how difficult it is to gain muscle in reality - ie. 5lbs in 6 weeks is damn good going in dry mass, but a MASSIVE drop from the gain that the user believe thay made.

The reason people say they are unsuccessful cycles is due to the fact that there are many injectables that can give a 20-30lb gain over a cycle, of which it is possible to keep upto 10-20lbs.
The commonly accepted reason is due to the cycle length often being twice as long as an oral cycle and the anabolic properties of some of the injectables is simply better. One will always gain better on deca and test than any stack of any oral.

So to get back to the question; which would be most effective at maintaining gains, a bulk or a cut diet?

Well.. if it is size and strength you are after, then a bulk would be better. A surplus of quality calories will ALWAYS be a better environment for muscle building to occur and muscle to be maintained. A caloric restriction is catabolic by its very nature, so the anabolics will be used to offset the muscle loss due to the body trying to reduce the metabolism... resulting in a lower bodyfat yet the same muscle as before the diet began.
BUT if it is a lower bodyfat you are after, then cut. it really is a no brainer.

Not only this but for many a 6 week cycle is not the ideal time to drop to 6%.

I hope this answers your question.



Wow... I thought that read Dbol + Anadrol.. lol...

I didn't even think people could get Andriol anymore??