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Dbol and Winstrol Oral cycle

I am asking for some advice concerning an all oral cycle of dbol and winstrol tabs. I have:
dbol-250 tabs@5mgs each
winstrol-100 tabs at 50(yes 50)mgs each
clomid-50 tabs at 50 mgs each
I have about 8 weeks to do a cycle until my upcoming season. i am a college athlete. I ahve added 30 pounds naturally over the last 3 years and I feel I am ready for some gear to help my draft status. I have also read that 8 weeks on orals is too long. Can anyone please help me out on a cycle that will enable me to gain about 15-20 pounds with as little side effects a spossible? Thanks

Interesting–does anyone know how to use this two orals in the most effective manner. I would love to know. Maybe a short course of Dbol and then a longer course of winstrol?